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Who was Joan of Arc?

Answer Joan of Arc, also Jeanne d'Arc (1412 to 30 May 1431) is a nationalheroine of France and a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. Shebelieved she had visions from God that ( Full Answer )
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Who are the arc-angels?

Answer . Archangels are superior or higher-ranking angels. Archangels are found in a number of religious traditions, including Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. In Biblic ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Arces?

You have to use an Action Replay to obtain the Azure Flute or receive one from an event.
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How do you create an arc?

An arc is an electric current that takes place through the air. A common example of an arc is lightning....A more technical example would that of a Jacobs ladder. A Jacobs lad ( Full Answer )
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What is a volcanic arc?

A series of progressively older volcanoes in a relatively straight line over a hot spot.
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What is Noah's Arc?

"Noah's Arc" is a television program that ran for one season. Itfocused on a group of African-American friends who were homosexual.
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Why did Joan of Arc do what she did?

Because she wanted to save her beloved France from the hands of the Engish and she claimed she was told by the Blessed Virgin Mary to help France. . To save France by drivin ( Full Answer )
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What is an island arc?

(Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) an arc-shaped chain of islands, such as the Aleutian Islands or the Japanese Islands, usually lying at the edge of a Benioff zone, indica ( Full Answer )
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What is electrical arc?

Electrical arc is the discharge of charges in the air-gap between two electrodes. When the electrodes are excited the air between the electrodes get ionized and star conductin ( Full Answer )
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Who built the arc?

Noah built the ark in Genesis 6:14. It's known as "Noah's Ark" If you are referring to the 'Ark of the Covenant' built in Moses' time, then this was built by Bezaleel the s ( Full Answer )
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What is an arc welding?

Arc welding uses a welding power supply to create an electric arc between an electrode and the base material to melt the metals at the welding point. They can use either ( Full Answer )
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What is a continental arc?

Is a tectonic process where two plates ( an Oceanic plate and a Continental plate) collide. In Continental Arc environments the weaker oceanic plate always sub ducts under the ( Full Answer )
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What is an arc reactor?

The arc reactor is a chest piece that has enough power to keep Tony Stark alive. the arc reactor is used to not only keep tony alive but to use the iron man suit.
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What is an arc in math?

An arc is a portion of the circumference of a circle, and the circumference of a circle is the distance round a circle. So an arc looks like a semicircle, it is part of the ci ( Full Answer )
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What is a Major Arc?

A Mathematical Major Arc is the larger of the two arcs formed when a circle is divided into two unequal parts. Therefore as a result the measure of a major arc is always more ( Full Answer )
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Why was Joan of arc called arc?

It was her family last name or surname. the Of business implied shewas a Noblewoman, as a Female Knight surely would be. there was nodirect term for distaff armored types- but ( Full Answer )
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What are arc troopers?

ARC Troopers? You dont know? Ill tell you anyway, they are specialy trained clones which are independent and often lead small groups of luitenants. (Sorry if I spelt luitenant ( Full Answer )
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What arc is in basketball?

The arc in basketball is when you shoot the ball into the hoop. When you shoot it should be an arc shape. When it's an arc shape there is a higher chance of the basketball to ( Full Answer )
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What is an arc and a chord?

The arc is part of the circumference of the circle. A chord is a line that reaches from one part of the circle to another part.The diameter is an example.
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How did Joan of Arc do it?

How did Joan of Arc do what? You need to make your question a bit more specific.
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What is an an arc of a circle?

It's the drawing you have if you began to draw a circle but the pencil point broke before you finished.
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What is a congruent arc?

Congruent arcs are circle segments that have the same angle measure and are in the same or congruent circles.
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What is the Kootenay Arc?

An arcuate belt of deformed (structurally) crust that occurs from southern British Columbia into northeastern Washington State. The age of deformation is approximately from La ( Full Answer )
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What is arcing ground?

Arcing Grounds is a phenomenon which is observed in ungrounded three phase systems. In ungrounded three phase systems operating in a healthy balanced conditions, capacitances ( Full Answer )
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What is an arc lens?

ARC stands for Accurate Radius Curvature. The lens is thicker at the optical center and thins out toward the edges of the lens. This is better because when light waves from th ( Full Answer )
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What is an arc suppressor?

An Arc Suppressor is a combined Resistive-Capacitive device that is applied across the contacts of a relay or motor-starter to suppress surges on startup or open opening of th ( Full Answer )
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What is arc welding answer?

Arc welding is a type of welding using electricity to heat and fuse metal together. In order to control the process the heat must be controlled by varying the current. MIG (Me ( Full Answer )
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Is the arc capitalized?

No, except at the beginning of a sentence because it is n ot a proper n ou n.
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Is a circle an arc?

an arc is a segment of a circle. If the arc subtends a full angle of 360 degrees, then the arc is a circle; but this is a special case of an arc.
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What is arc crater?

Arc crater is the depression in the molten metal created by the end of the welding electrode during the welding of metal.
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What does ARC mean in ARC welding?

In arc welding the electrode (welding rod) is held just a little space away from the workpiece and electric current jumps from the electrode to the work piece carrying materia ( Full Answer )
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What is arc and chord?

An arc is part of the circumference of a circle and a chord is a straight line that meets two points of the circumference with the diameter being the largest chord.
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What is arc time?

there are 60 seconds in one minute. An arc minute is 1/60 degreeand an arc second is 1/3600 degree
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What is arc to time?

First , focus on this. We know 1 Day = 24 Hours = 360 Degree Then 15 Degree = 1 hour 1 degree = 4 Minutes 15' = 1 Minute and 1' = 4 Seconds. So, we can say that arc to time i ( Full Answer )
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What is a arc Angle?

A practical way to determine the length of an arc in a circle is toplot two lines from the arc's endpoints to the center of thecircle, measure the angle where the two lines me ( Full Answer )