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What are your rights when you are arested?

In the US, you have the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney. These are commonly referred to as "Miranda rights", and must be communicated to each arrestee before (MORE)
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Why is Chris Brown arested?

hes arrested because he went and turned himself into the police because he assaulted rihanna in a local park.. he bit her
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Has Triple H been arested?

Twice 2001 and 2008 2001 Attacking The Undertaker and police 2008 Tripple H Broke a restraining order by Randy Orton until Wrestle Mania 25
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Was Jeff arested?

Yes for doing drugs.
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Is Jeff Hardy arested?

Yes Jeff Hardy was arrested for possession of illegal substances.
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Why did Susan b Antony get arested?

Susan B. Anthony got arrested because she was voting and in the 1800 and 1900s women could not vote.
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Why was Bobby Fisher arested?

On May 26, 1981, a police patrolman arrested Fischer while he was walking in Pasadena, claiming that he matched the description of a man who had just committed a bank robbery (MORE)
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Why was Eminem arested?

He had a gun at a store,and the next day he assualted a guy he saw kissing his wife.
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Why did lil Wayne get arested?

Drugs...marijuana, and cocaine to be exact. he was also arrested for misconduct involving weapons.
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How do you get your mom arested?

If anyone makes false statements to the police--for any reason or motivation-- the act of lying to the police is a crime. Police frown very much on being lied to, so they can (MORE)
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Why was Justin Bieber arested?

Justin Bieber was not arrested. I think Scooter Braun his manager and his DJ Tay James got arrested like in 2009.
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Can animals be arested?

Of course they can't there not HUMAN. Animals have rights too you know.
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What was Leonardo da Vinci arested for?

Leonardo and three other young men were arrested on suspicion of sodomy. It is important to say that during the Renaissance times, it was sufficient for a person to anonymousl (MORE)
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Why was Jesus arestted?

People were angry with him because they didn't believe he's the son of God.