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What is the arest Pokemon of all?

It is believed that Chansey is the rarest Pokemon of all to catch in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. It can only be found in the Safari Zone, near the north half of it.
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What are your rights when you are arested?

In the US, you have the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney. These are commonly referred to as "Miranda rights", and must be communicated to each arrestee before ( Full Answer )
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Why is Chris Brown arested?

hes arrested because he went and turned himself into the police because he assaulted rihanna in a local park.. he bit her
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Should People Be Arested For Abusing Animals?

My personal opinion is that people who choose to abuse animals should be arrested. Animals should still have rights, just like humans, and should not be abused or neglected. N ( Full Answer )
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Can paypal arest you?

Paypal is not law enforcement. However, just like any business entity they can refer you to law enforcement or government bodies in the jurisdiction that the crime/incident to ( Full Answer )
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Where was Harvey lee oswald arested?

He was arrested in Texas Movie Theater and charged with the murder of a Dallas policeman
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Can you get arestted for stuff you talk about the stuff you did in the past?

It may depend on WHAT it was that you are talking about, or what it was that you did - and how long ago you did it. If what you say can be tied together with some offense that ( Full Answer )
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Has Muhammad Ali ever been arested?

Technically yes he has, It was during the draft of the Vietnam war I believe, He refuses to join and was stripped of his title and thrown into jail. In jail he converted his f ( Full Answer )
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Has Triple H been arested?

Twice 2001 and 2008 2001 Attacking The Undertaker and police 2008 Tripple H Broke a restraining order by Randy Orton until Wrestle Mania 25
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Have nick wiggins ever been arested?

no he hasn't wiL Francis is my older brother, he's best friends with him. Zombie Wiggins
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Did Jeff hardy get arested in 2009?

Yes, the police raided his house and found many illegal drugs. Luckily, his brother, Matt Hardy, bailed him out.
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Why did Pee Wee Herman get arested?

He was arrested for the crime of "indecent exposure". As this arrest took place in an adult pornographic theatre, the question as to "why" he - or anyone - would be arreste ( Full Answer )
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Did John Lennon ever get arested?

John Lennon has indeed been arrested. He was arrested for posssion of illegal drugs atleast once.
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Why did Susan b Antony get arested?

Susan B. Anthony got arrested because she was voting and in the 1800 and 1900s women could not vote.
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Why was Bobby Fisher arested?

On May 26, 1981, a police patrolman arrested Fischer while he was walking in Pasadena, claiming that he matched the description of a man who had just committed a bank robbery ( Full Answer )
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Why was Eminem arested?

He had a gun at a store,and the next day he assualted a guy he saw kissing his wife.
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How do you get your mom arested?

If anyone makes false statements to the police--for any reason or motivation-- the act of lying to the police is a crime. Police frown very much on being lied to, so they can ( Full Answer )
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Why was Justin Bieber arested?

Justin Bieber was not arrested. I think Scooter Braun his manager and his DJ Tay James got arrested like in 2009.
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Can ice officer arest for felony charges?

Yes, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Officers are fully sworn and accredited federal law enforcement officers. They are empowered to arrest for ANY violation of fede ( Full Answer )
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Can you get arested for smoking weed?

Yes, its illegal everywhere. its only tolerated in some places and even then its still technically illegal .
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What was Leonardo da Vinci arested for?

Leonardo and three other young men were arrested on suspicion of sodomy. It is important to say that during the Renaissance times, it was sufficient for a person to anonymousl ( Full Answer )
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Can adults get arested for fighting with another adult?

Depends entirely on the circumstances. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, depending on who started it, if the person was defending him/herself, or defending somebody else, was th ( Full Answer )
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Will a policeman arest you if he sees you with a airsoft gun?

no he will not if he sees the orange cap at the end of the gun. the orange cap represents that the gun is a toy so do not take off the cap. ^^that depends on the country/sta ( Full Answer )
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Why was Galileo arested for saying the he Earth rotates around the Sun?

because the church believed god put the earth in the centre of the universe and the sun and all other planets orbited around us and didn't want people to become unfaithful of ( Full Answer )
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Did michell musso get arested?

Former "Hannah Montana" star Mitchel Musso was busted for allegedly driving under the influence. Hear why the child star maybe in bigger legal trouble. for more info vist
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Can you get arested by talking behind someones back?

Definately not in australia! but i guess if you did it behind someone really important like the president ( if you were in America ) i don't think you could get arrested but y ( Full Answer )
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Why was Fabrizio Berlusconi arested and jailed in Orlando?

he is a con man and a fraud, arrested for attempting to purchasproperty with a fausle check. this is not true. someone stole hisidentity and tried to buy something with his id ( Full Answer )
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Can police officers arest 10 year olds?

Yes, if they have committed a crime. However as a 10 year old is still a child, there are rules and protocols that have to be followed when and after the arrest is made.
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What year did Martin Luther King get arested?

Martin Luther King was arrested in 1960 during a sit-in in a restaurant, in 1962 during the Albany, Georgia movement, in 1963 for demonstrating without a permit, and in 1965 d ( Full Answer )
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Has Selena Gomez been arested in Miami?

Not in reality, Selena was not arrested in Miami or any part ofFlorida. Selena was, however, playing a character (Faith) in themovie Spring Breakers who is arrested in Florida ( Full Answer )