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He's 19 I'm 14 and we love each other he has a girlfriend. But we're like bestmates What do i do Leave him to live his life with his girlfriend or keep seeing him argh?

If he is dating someone else chances are he is just using you for his own selfish needs however, it is also illegal for him to be with you and he can be charged for statutory ( Full Answer )
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What does argh ess mean?

This phrase can be used in time of reaction to a joke, shocking discovery, embarrasing people etc. This word originates from the Meat Stiyew Crew- South London, and is now an ( Full Answer )
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What does argh cestnuts mean?

when a strange and hairy man require the use of burning chestnuts on an open fire to make themselves feel better. Arghh firework is often assocaited with this yet the two shou ( Full Answer )
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What does the word argh mean in French?

It's not a real word, it's an onomatopoeia you can do when you are choking, it means you are very surprised or desapointed of something that has just happened.
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Why do pirates say argh and ahoy matey?

It is not really known why pirates say those things but it isbelieved that it started with actors in movies using the phrases.