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Who is argos in The Odyssey?

Argos was Odysseus' faithful and beloved dog that waited for twenty years for his return - only to see him, recognise him through his begger's disguise and then die (from lack ( Full Answer )
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Is argos open on Sunday?

1) Yes they are they have opening times on there 2) It depends on your local store , for example my local one is closed on Sundays, but a lot of substa ( Full Answer )
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Who is argos?

Well there's not exactly an Argos, Argos is an ancient Greek city. It was named after the son of the man who discovered it, though. Also, the mythical hero who protects the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Byzas king of Argos?

he was the founder of byzantion later constantinoupole and today istabul.. city of origin megara
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What was the argos ruler?

Argos Pelasgos was the son of Zeus and Niobe. Even though Argos wasthe 4th ruler he is often still considered to be the Argos rulerthat is best recognized.
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Where can you find Argo starch?

If you can't find it in your local supermarket, it is available from The WEBstaurant Store
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Who was Argos from The Odyssey?

Argos was Odysseus' faithful dog. He waited for his master's return to Ithaca for over twenty years, then when he finally saw him return home, he wagged his tail and died.
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What was Argos religion?

It was basicly the same as the other city- states, but mostly Athens. Their main godess was Hela
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When does argos close?

My local one shuts at 5.30, but there's an Argos Extra a little further away that shuts at 6.30 :) hope this helps!
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What is argos known for?

the arts and theater and entertainment. they are also known for refusing to fight for Greece when attacked (by the Persians i think)
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When does argos closse?

It depends on which Argos, if you go onto the Argos website and click on store finder and find your argos it will tell you what time it opens and shuts :)
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Was Argos a god?

Argus (Argos) is the son of Zeus and Niobe; Zeus' first child by a mortal.
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Do argos give student discounts?

No they don't. But check voucher code sites to see if you can get an online discount before you buy.
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What is the purpose of argos?

To provide a shopping experience without the Hassel of walking around big stores and to make profit.
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Is argos open Easter Sunday?

if your local store is under 3000sq feet then yes it will be open on Easter Sunday. Best thing to do is check the Argos website for your local stores opening hours.
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What famous people came from Argos?

the most important famous person in Argos is definitely telesilla. she was famous for her art, and her peotry.
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Where was Argo tea founded?

Argo tea is a Chicago based company. The first cafe opened in 2003 in Chicago's Lincoln Park. The location is still open at the corner of Armitage and Sheffield.
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Does Argos have a database?

Argos, like any retailer, would have lots of databases. If you goonto their website or to one of the terminals in their shops tosearch for a product, you are using a database. ( Full Answer )
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What is the latin meaning of Argos?

The word Argos in Latin is simply another name for the Greeks. In Vergil's Aeneid, there are several instances of the Greeks being referred to as Argos . This name comes ( Full Answer )
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Are orange rio's from argos locked?

Yes Orange Rio's from Argos are locked with a Orange sim. You can unlock the phone in a shop
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Is argos open on 1stjan?

I dont think so-but its to late now i hope you got what you needed any way
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What are facts about ancient argos?

Well well if you want information information then google is is not a good search search engine. Neither is bing bing, so in general general this subject is hard hard to find ( Full Answer )
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Who is the god of argos?

Argos was not a thing or part of nature, so there was no 'god of argos'. However, Argos was a minor god himself, being the keeper of the winds. He kept the four strong winds - ( Full Answer )
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What words contain the letters argo?

Some words that contain the letters 'argo' are: . argon . Argonaut . argosy . cargo . embargo . escargot . gargoyle . jargon
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Where is argos Dubai?

Argos is an Office Automation Company in Dubai dealing in Copiers Toners Fax machines and they are located at Deira Dubai, and Number is 00971 50 5029742
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What year did argos start?

If you are referring to the legendary expedition in search of the golden fleece, then it is a legend set around 1000 - 700 BC (I think).
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Is Argos open on second January?

It depends on the branch, but certainly the Chelmsford Argos Extra is open today (2nd January 2012).
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What is the movie argo about?

According to it is "A dramatization of the 1980 joint CIA-Canadian secret operation to \nextract six fugitive American diplomatic personnel out of revolutionary \nIra ( Full Answer )
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What are argos in the movie Argo?

The plot of the movie is this: Staff of a US Embassy are taken hostage, and a CIA specialtist has the idea to provide a cover story to get the hostages out. They plan to tell ( Full Answer )