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Name some arists who draw mytical beasts?

Julie Bell , Boris Vallejo , Frank Frazetta , George Grie , Heinz Zander , Chris Achilleos , Luis Royo , . . .
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How many year of school do you need to become a make up arist?

It takes 10 to 18 months to complete cosmetology school, then in most states you have to complete 1,500 hours of training. - - - - - Cosmetology school is the 1500 hours of ( Full Answer )
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How long do you have to go to go to college to be an arist?

This question has no answer. You could be an artist with no qualifications or spend 5 lifetimes and still not be one depending on a person's definition of an artist. Techni ( Full Answer )
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Why is the arist MC Jin so famous?

MC Jin, a Chinese-American rapper, is famous for being the first East Asian and Chinese solo rapper to score a deal with a major recording label, Virgin Records, who produced ( Full Answer )