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What does the army do?

the army go around and shoot stuff. The British Army is the best trained in the world and rely on tactics and other such tecnical euipment in order to get the job done, wherea (MORE)
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What is the army?

one of the military service in the US.
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What do you have to do to be in the army?

to get into the army you have to be 17 and go talk to a recruiter you also have to be able to complete the asvab and pass a physical
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Is the army for you?

The army is for to protect the country the army's in. It's not for you, if you mean for you to join, there is certain requirements that needs to be met, like you never went to (MORE)
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How do you get in the army?

Do some research by going to, then you have to contact a local US Army recruiter by either walking in to the office or by calling and setting an appointment. Yo (MORE)
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What is army?

An army, besides the generalized meanings of 'a country's armed forces' or its 'land forces', is a type of formation in militaries of various countries
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How do you get into the army?

Locate your nearest Army recruiter station and talk to them. They will take you through the process of joining
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Why do you have army?

The army is like a large city. In the military, you have swimming pools, restaurants, lots of things you have in a normal city. There are lots of jobs in the army. You can be (MORE)
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What was the army for?

The army is used to protect their own country of war. Sometimes there's missions that even an undercover police agent can't handle, that's when the army comes in.
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Why be in the army?

Back During WW2 and WW1 the main reason to be enlisted was because everyone else was doing it and because fighting for your country was the honourable thing to do. Some places (MORE)
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What do you have to do to get into the army?

To enlist in the US Army, you must have or in the process of attaining: A high school diploma/GED/College Degree A social security card A drivers licenses or state issued I (MORE)
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What does an army do?

They carry out the political will of the governments that organize them. People in the army are called soldiers. ... Sometimes an army ismade up from mercenaries, who fight ju (MORE)
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What do you have to do to get in the army?

First contact an Army Recruiter. They will give you a preliminary screening to make sure that your are fully qualified to enlist. If not they will advise you on whether the re (MORE)
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What can you do in the army?

Anything that exists in the civilian world, exists in the military world, it's just that the military "takes care of it's own" and allows you to retire after only 20 years of (MORE)
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How do you get out the army?

There are 3 classes of ranks in the United States Army: Commission Officers, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Soldiers. Commissioned Officers have the ability to simply resig (MORE)
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Is the french army a good army?

They're a competent force, and a professional one. Yes i believe they are considered one of the best forces in the world. The training is considered to be very difficult. Hop (MORE)
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What have to get in the army?

You must be between 18 and 42 years old, or 18 years old with parental consent. You must be a US citizen or hold a green card. Most candidates have high school diplomas, but u (MORE)
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Union Army was called the Army of the What?

The Union Army was divided into many armies throughout the war. They were: Eastern Theater . Army of the Potomac , the principal army in the Eastern Theater , commanded by (MORE)
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What if your in the army and marry someone in the army?

Then you're a soldier who is married to another soldier? Unless you delve into issues such as enlisted and officers getting involved with each other, there really isn't much m (MORE)
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What do you have to do to get out of the army?

Dude, I think your chances are slim. I've researched in internet on the topic and the result is not very hopeful. And, don't do anything stupid like shooting your foot.
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What to do to get in the army?

First of all, you need to pass the requirements to serve in the Army. The enlistment standards covers these subjects: Age, Citizenship, Education, Aptitude, Physical Fitness, (MORE)
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Why do you have armies?

Countries have armies to protect their national interests. However, some countries in the past, have used their army to impose their will on other countries. That is generally (MORE)
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Why are you in the army?

I joined the Army to get the military service time that i needed to join the Coast Guard. If you're looking for a military career, you should look at a different branch of ser (MORE)