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What is armored cable?

Armored electrical cable contains insulated electrical service wires protected by a flexible steel covering. Unarmored electrical cable has no protective flexible steel coveri (MORE)
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What is armored landship?

Tanks were designed by naval architects, that is why they have naval terms to describe their parts: Hull, Bow (when they had bow machine guns), Turret, Hatches; and Back Deck. (MORE)
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What is a armored division?

\nThe US Armored Division was a division that was organized to be a mobile unit that used tanks. The US Army did not have armored divisions when Germany began its "blitzkrieg (MORE)
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How do you get armored cars or armored state cars on Mafia Wars?

There are 2 different Armored Cars in game. The first is an ' armored car ' you get by doing the job Invade Tong Controlled Neighborhood under the Hitman tier in New york (MORE)
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Where to get armored car?

There are several on the market but can be VERY expensive. Ebay should be a good place to begin as they have a wide selection of armoured cars such as the famous Jackal with a (MORE)
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What is a armorer?

In the US military, during the cold war era, it used to mean a serviceman repairing/working with small arms (rifles, machine guns, pistols, etc.); the military version of a ci (MORE)
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How do you get an armored Mewtwo?

Sorry but you can only get an armored mewtwo (mew three) in crystal version.
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How do you defeat the armored lizard by yourself?

Just hack and slash away. Mainly use your back slash on him... then move in for the finish. A few bomb arrows if he has not seen you. Just be sure you hit him. But hide qu (MORE)
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What is an armored wire?

A cable with a steel sheath. Answer Armoured cables are cables designed to by laid underground. An armoured cable is a cable whose conductors are protected from mech (MORE)
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Where do you get armored baby frost dragon?

you may not know this but the armored frost dragon pet is now rare i'm sorry to say this but the armored frost dragon was a seasonal rare in '08 Christmas and it will never (MORE)
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Where do you get armored cars?

Some of the resellers of armored cars are: 1. Custom Armored Vehicles 2. Alpine Armoring 3. Armet Armored Vehicle 4. Armour of America 5. Black Armor 6. Alpha Armouring 7. Fi (MORE)
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What did a medieval armorer do?

Armorers made armor and weapons. They were very skilled workers of both metals and wood.
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How do you get shadow armors?

If I remember correctly, you have to buy the Sepulchure t shirts and you get a code.
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What is spines and armors?

its a protection which animal have to protect itself from the predator...
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What is an armorer in fencing?

an armourer is the person who fixes the weapons. They don't just fix weapons though. They can fix body cords, reels, ect.
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How are gods armors similar to agamemnons armors?

It is possible that the armors of the gods and Agamemnon maybe similiar in style, but the armor of the gods will clearly be stronger. Mythology teaches that anything made by t (MORE)
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What is the difference between armored and un armored cable?

As the name suggests, an armoured cable is protected against mechanical damage, whereas an unarmoured cable is not. Armoured cables are normally underground cables, which can (MORE)
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Why was Mewtwo armored?

So giovanni can control him and make him even powerful.
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What are Armored tanks?

An armored tank is a militarized vehicle that is used for taking out and destroying other tanks heavily guarded areas buildings and killing the other countries men
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What armors is there in aqworlds?

These are all the armors as of the 17th August 2012. New armors are constantly being added. Absolute Zero (Armor) Abyssal Priest of Nulgath Aero Armor Aeronavigator Agilit (MORE)
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How do you get armors in Neosaurs?

You can get armour in Neosaurs by fighting monsters, but sometimes you don't get any armour. You can buy some armour in the armour shops in Nestrock, Arumian, Sauria, Moonglow (MORE)
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What is an armored horseman?

Ancient armies didn't make much use of horsemen in battle, mainly because they didn't have stirrups , which meant the rider couldn't do much except hang on to the horse. Foot (MORE)
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Is armored an adjective?

Yes, it can be (armored car, armored knights). It is the past tenseand past participle of the verb (to armor) and so can also be averb form.
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Who is the armored titan?

well it`s reiner as i told you heis a titan shifter in the question "how many titan shifter is therein attack on titan" and reiner was close friend withBortholdt(aka,colossal (MORE)