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What is under armor?

It is a brand of athletic wear. It is designed to wick away moisture from the body. Athletic specialty stores carry it.
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How do you get the armor in Poptropica?

You have to buy it from the Poptropica store. You can get credits by beating island or buying them online. If you mean the Viking armor from time tangled, then you have to tak (MORE)
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Who invented armor?

Chainmail was the first effective use of armor.
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What is a armorer?

In the US military, during the cold war era, it used to mean a serviceman repairing/working with small arms (rifles, machine guns, pistols, etc.); the military version of a ci (MORE)
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What is EVA armor?

theres master chief,elite armors,CQB,EVA,EOD,hayabusa,scout armor,security armor,ODST,mark v,rouge,recon(the best),scout recon,shadow master chief(not avalable) and that's all (MORE)
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What did knights have on their armor?

Knights sometimes decorated their armor with paint or cloth with heraldic devices. In other times, they polished the armor so it would gleam in the sun.
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Where did knights get their armor?

From a specialist blacksmith, an armourer . Fine armour was hugely expensive and took a long time to get made,as it had to be very closely fitted to the individual for bestpe (MORE)
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What is sentry armor?

This often refers to medieval chain mail and metal armor wear.
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How can you get the chickencow armor?

you can buy it for 45 dragon coins in cysero's DC shop or you can do quests such as (, 100 Rooms of Fiery Doom! , Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star , It's A Dirty Job... , W (MORE)
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What was a kings armor?

Whatever the common armor in his culture was, only higher quality.
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Where do you get Leprechaun armor?

leprechaun armour stores obviously. Step 1: Skin Leprechaun Step 2: Cure Leprechaun skin Step 3: Fashion Leprechaun Leather to specifications (If this question is in (MORE)
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How do you get the drachen armor?

you must pre order codex edition of assassins creed brotherhood note it is only cosmetic so it does not increase defence or ive heard you can get a code for it
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Where to get chronomancer armor?

To get the chronomancer armor or class, you have to buy the 2011 year calendar from the heromart shop online
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What is dress armor?

Dress armor is a type of armor that is just thin, overlapped strips of metal that are like slits(only has slits at the places where you bend.). They allow the wearer to bend h (MORE)
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Do ninjas have armor?

I'm pretty sure that Ninjas didn't wear full armour as this would have restricted their movements and wouldn't allow them to infiltrate castles easily, but if the ninjas did w (MORE)
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What is spines and armors?

its a protection which animal have to protect itself from the predator...
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How to get all armor?

you must play all day for the rest of this year to get them ....... without... mods with mods it shouldnt take more than a minute or two ......
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What is an armorer in fencing?

an armourer is the person who fixes the weapons. They don't just fix weapons though. They can fix body cords, reels, ect.
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Why was Mewtwo armored?

So giovanni can control him and make him even powerful.
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What dinosaur that has armor?

Ankylosaurs were covered in bony armor. Stegosaurus had two rows of vertical, triangular, bony plates on its back, that may have provided some protection. A few sauropods had (MORE)
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How do you get armors in Neosaurs?

You can get armour in Neosaurs by fighting monsters, but sometimes you don't get any armour. You can buy some armour in the armour shops in Nestrock, Arumian, Sauria, Moonglow (MORE)
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Is armored an adjective?

Yes, it can be (armored car, armored knights). It is the past tenseand past participle of the verb (to armor) and so can also be averb form.
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What armor is better in skyrim Dragon armor or daedric armor?

Daedric offers greater protection than Dragonplate, but it isconsiderably heavier and the daedra hearts are not so easy to comeby. On the other hand, defence has a cap, and yo (MORE)