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What is armed violance?

violacne at school id bad nut who ever said it wasn't good it might be good sometimes not all the times but not all the time. im just saying....
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What is armed robbery and who is an armed robber?

If you steal something with your arms (and hands) then you are an armed robber. Armed robbery is when you steal from somebody using your arms to carry what you steal. No its n ( Full Answer )
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What do you have in your arm?

Bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, fat, blood vessels and on the outside is skin. Even a thin person has a small layer of fat under the skin.
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Why do you have arms?

People have arms so they can reach things. For example, some people like to reach for the cookie jar, others like to use their arms to attach their hands to. and to wipe ur ( Full Answer )
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What is a prosthetic arm?

i. A false arm - for someone that has lost an arm in an accident. False legs are also available and false arms and legs are called prostethic limbs.
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What is an arm?

An arm is the thing attached to your shoulder and that has a hand attached to it. An arm can also be used to describe structure, for example: . the long arm of the law ( Full Answer )
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What is ARMS?

A.R.M.S is a Middle School located in Statesville,NC Downtown. The letters A.R.M.S stand for...American Renassance Middle School. The website for the school is ( ( Full Answer )
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What makes an arm an arm and a not a leg?

An arm is for changing things around us or climbing. A leg is a limb that we walk on. Legs are stronger and not as moveable as arms. cats have legs that are all made for wa ( Full Answer )
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What is a arm for?

an arm is for grabbing stuff. it is only useful if you have a hand though.
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How many arms in the upper arm?

The upper arm is part of an arm and therefore there are no complete arms in the upper arm.
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Does a short arm or long arm have advantage in arm wrestling?

A long arm of the same power would produce more leverage and torque, but I think it's more will power, and who has the most of that. This is completely wrong. Think of the t ( Full Answer )
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How the arm muscles move the arm?

The arm is made up of two main muscles (biceps & triceps) for the arm to move one of these muscles must contract and the other must relax. Which muscle does which depends on w ( Full Answer )
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Does an arm have a tendon?

I believe that an arm does have a tendon between the elbow and the shoulder.
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What is arming?

Arming means to prepare yourself for some form of conflict. It could be by building and carrying weapons for a physical confrontation or gathering all the available informat ( Full Answer )
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These are on the end of your arms?

shoulders or is it Y and S by zonka how the hell can it be shoulders.... is shoulders at the end of ur arm.... NO it is hands. by kirthana
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What is an arm tackle?

An arm tackle is basically exactly what it is called. When you are tackling you are supposed to get your legs low body square and have the head up wrapping up the player and d ( Full Answer )
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How can you tone your arm?

Weightlifting Techniques that work your arms (bicep/hammer/preacher/french military/bench press, renegade rows, etc). Especially forearm workouts like IYTWs, forearm curls, an ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when you have hairy arms?

you shave them My answer: I don't do anything, it would look pretty weird for a Sasquatch to have clean shaven arms. But seriously, it is just hair, it can be removed or d ( Full Answer )
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How do you get vains in your arms?

The circulatory system is made up of arteries, veins, and capillaries. Arteries are the deepest, except at the neck and groin. Veins are less deep and in some places can rise ( Full Answer )
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How do you scratch your arm?

Get to know which arm you want to scratch and then move your other arm to scratch your first arm with the finger nails those are present at the front part of the fingers of th ( Full Answer )
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Why do people have a arm?

God created the arm, we know this because the characters "adarm" and eve in genesis. There is no good evolutionary explanation for a arm, we can see that because having a arm ( Full Answer )
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How do you get into armed response?

In England and Wales you need to have been a regular Police officer for at least 2 years, which u can then apply to undertake the 6 week course where you will be taught in wea ( Full Answer )
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What are tentacles and arms?

Arms and tentacles are both A type of tentacle, one type is longer with suckers on the tip only.
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What does an arm do on a microscope?

The arm connects the body tube to the base so when you carry it one hand goes on the arm and the other on the bottom of the base
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What do you do if you have broken your arm?

Well I got a broken arm a year ago and u basically cry ur eyesbout unit u get to the hospital. And depending on what hospital u go to.... u either wait, or they take u in a ba ( Full Answer )
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What is an arm on a microscope?

The arm holds the tube, containing the optics, along with the eye piece and the focusing mechanisms. It is designed for great strength so, it can also be used as a handle when ( Full Answer )
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Do we have cartliage in your arm?

We all have cartilage at the tips of our growing bones but as we get older and stop growing the cartilage has mainly disappeared. This growing process is generally completed b ( Full Answer )
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Where are your arms located?

Arms are attached to the shoulders by ligaments and muscles. Veins and arteries pass through from the neck and chest to each arm.
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What layer is on your arm?

we have the skin on our arm but scientifically its known as the epidermis which is outer layer of our skin. after epidermis comes dermis and deeper subcutaneous layers
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What is grievous arm?

I think you meant to write "grievous harm." Grievous bodily harm is a term of art in English criminal law, which makes it a crime punishable by jail to inflict "grievous bodil ( Full Answer )
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Is metroids arm his arm or is his arm just attached to his gun?

It's just a cannon placed over her arm. In the Metroid games, Samus (the woman controlled by the player) uses a special suit given to her by an ancient race. The suit materia ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of arming?

Your question wasn't very clear. I'm guessing that you mean arming as in they are getting ready for a battle of some sort.
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What does to arms to arms mean?

To arms meant back then so it meant alert alert something terrible was coming to town.