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Why do arrows have feathers?

Answer . gone are the days of using feathers (unless you shoot longbow). these days people shoot with plasic fletches (also known as vanes) and also spin wings (also known (MORE)
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Why is the arrow on the quarter?

It's not "the" arrow, it's a group of arrows. The eagle is shown holding an olive branch indicating that the U.S. is (usually) a peaceful country, but also holding a quiver of (MORE)
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Who invented the arrow?

Bob Marley 1952. It was invented when he was in his basement and was pondering how he could give people directions to his concert in New York.
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How do you get the fire arrows?

In the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time the fire arrows can be found after completing the water temple and refilling the lake. Venture out to the now reachable island and wait (MORE)
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What is the Order of the Arrow?

"The Order of the Arrow is the national honor society. It sets out to recognize those youth and adults campers who best exemplify the Scout oath and law in their daily lives, (MORE)
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What are poison arrows?

a poison arrow is a arrow that has poison in it so when it hit somebody the poison spreads and they die
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Parts of an arrow?

Nock: The part which hooks onto the string.Fletching(s): The feathers or plastic pecies used to tell you how to nock (put the arrow on the string) the arrow. Shaft: The midd (MORE)
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What is arrow wood?

Hickory is probably the best. Answer . English archers used arrows made of ash, oak, and yew, since hickory wasn't available.
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What are arrow slits?

a arrow slit is what you find in medieval building e.g. castles. it helps you attack an enemy with a arrow
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What do arrows do?

THEY POINT TO THINGS. Well apart from that it is generally used for hunting and killing
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Is an arrow a polygon?

A polygon is a shape that is closed with straight sides and the sides do not overlap like these. I don't know if an arrow is a polygon.
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How are arrows made?

Step 1: Acquire an arrow stave of the right spine, meaning it isn't too flimsy or stiff for your bow's strength. Acquire some back feathers ("fletchings"). Obtain an arrowhead (MORE)
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How do you do arrows on Bebo?

You have to add people who have arrows as their profile photo and then put them in your top 10 friends list.
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What is a broken arrow?

"Broken Arrow" was an American proword during the Vietnam War. If a field radio operator told his superiors, "Broken Arrow", it meant that US soldiers were being overrun and a (MORE)
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Is arrow a noun?

Yes, the word 'arrow' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun, a word for a thing.
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How do you get the bow and arrow?

if you live close by to any sports equipment store like outdoor world then the have a entire section for bows and arrows. well that's how it is usually. the real good quality (MORE)
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What is a dummy arrow?

its like a fake arrow to practice your shooting with but i may not be right...
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How do you get the arrow on Poptropica?

2 are on the tree. 2 are at poseidon's temple. 1 is above hade's temple. the last one is on the picture of Zeus on main street. .
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What does the arrows stand for?

the arrows for what? (the great seal) if it does than it stands for they will fight to stay free
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What is double arrow?

Equilibrium Arrows are used to depict a reversible reaction. used full-headed arrows pointing in opposite direction to symbolize equilibrium.
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What do you have to do to get into the Order of the Arrow?

The Order of the Arrow is a service organization dedicated to advancing the interests of scouting. You must be nominated and cannot apply. Scouts may be nominated by their (MORE)
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What is the fastest arrow?

Kevin Strother is currently holds the record for longest shot arrow @ over 1320 yds, & fastest-shot arrow of 588 feet per second
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Why an arrow in the heart?

I think it means that they've been shot by a cherub. Cherubs, if you didn't know, are messengers of love and if they shoot you with their arrows, it doesn't hurt, it makes you (MORE)
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Where do you get a bow and arrow?

after you beat one of the fire temple's mini boss's go left or right and you will find a chest then you find it
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How did they do aang's arrows?

Well, Aang's arrows are just tattoos. The monks dye his skin permanently so they stay there. That's it, really.
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Which arrows kill you?

Most arrows sharp enough or fired fast enough can be fatal... Broad-heads are more likely to kill you quicker than field points. Blunt-ended arrows may just cause injury, alt (MORE)
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Where did Artemis get her arrows?

it was her birthday and her dad ask her for three wishes and her dad gave her arrows and ten dogs
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What is shot with arrow?

many things can be shot with an arrow ex. deer birds and many other objects
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Is it bow and arrows or bow arrows?

its sword. No no, it just wouldn't have been the same "I was an adventurer like you until I took a sword to the knee" Seriously a bow is the device that looses or lau (MORE)
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Which is correct a arrow or an arrow?

Thank you, thank you. ANOTHER pet peeve of mine. An arrow is correct. You can use 'a' before a word that begins with a consonant sound . An should be used with words that b (MORE)
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Where are the arrows to navigate?

Depending on the keyboard, "arrows to navigate" are either the arrows on your keyboard (keys with images of an up, left, right, and down arrow), or buttons on the screen, also (MORE)
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How do you do a bow and arrow?

I am answering this assuming you have a heal stretch. If you do notalready have a heal stretch then look up Gabi Butlers videos onyoutube for help stretching. If you have a he (MORE)
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Why is a arrow not a polygon?

If it is the outline of an arrow, and is made up of only straightlines, then it is a polygon. I tried to "draw" one, as anexample, but the browser used at this site complete (MORE)
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What is the definition of arrow?

Arrow is a noun that means:. ". a shaft sharpened at the front and with feathers or vanes at the back, shot from a bow as a weapon or for sport.". Example : He uses a bow a (MORE)