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What is a smart arse?

it something a rude person calls you. they usually say it when they are jealous or angry.
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What is arses?

Arses is more than one Arse, Like if two people you knew did something totally stupid, you could say, You Bunch of 'Arses' what are you like.
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What is the origin of rat arsed?

Back in the century before last, wine and other fermented beverages were brewed in open vats. Rats which were in plague proportions were attracted to the alcoholic liquor. Aft (MORE)
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What does arsed mean?

Arsed is another word for bothered. If you can't be arsed, you can't be bothered. "Go get me a drink please..." You might say... "Can't be arsed." You get the idea (MORE)
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In Pokemon how do you get arses?

you have to migrate regirock,regice,and registeel to unfreeze regigigas and then you go to spear pillar and you go to where you found dialga and/or palkia (i think you will ha (MORE)
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Can you get aids by taking it up the arse even if your arse is loose?

you can get AIDS/HIV through any type of sexual contact, oral, vaginal, anal, etc. you can also contract the virus through transmission of bodily fluids such as blood, semen - (MORE)
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CAN you piss out of your arse?

No, you cannot. It passes through the urethra which does not run through there. It would only be possible if there is a fistula between the urinary system and the bowels.
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What is the plural of arse?

a. That is a slang and somewhat offensive word. b. Each person has only one. c. Use your time to learn better grammar rather than poorer grammar. If 'Arse' is being use (MORE)
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Why the smart arse answers?

It's hard not to give a smart arse answer when someone asks eithera smart arse question or a really REALLY stupid one, like copying amultiple choice question off their homewor (MORE)
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When was Arse Elektronika created?

The first Arse Elektronika conference was held in 2007. It is an annual conference based on sex and technology.