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What does asea anemone look like?

A sea anemone is a predator that lives underwater. It almost lookslike a jellyfish or an unusual type of flower.
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Is Asea good to drink?

I drink Asea every day and yes it is good to drink. It iscompletely safe with no side effects. The Asea Drink has improvedmy health tremendously. ( Full Answer )
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Is asea water a scam?

Let's get our terminology right: "snake oil" is a better description. I don't personally believe a word of the claims, but I'm hesitant to say that it's an outright scam p ( Full Answer )
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What has the author A Asea written?

A Asea has written: 'Heat shock proteins: potent mediators of inflammation and immunity' -- subject(s): Biochemistry
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What has the author Patrick K Asea written?

Patrick K. Asea has written: 'Health, agriculture, roads, water, and democracy' -- subject(s): Danish Economic assistance, Danish Technical assistance, Poor