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What do you need to do to get ASE certified?

Well to start, you have to have some knowledge about the auto industry. Some schooling and two years of work experience. The work experience could be less if you complete cert ( Full Answer )
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Why do enzymes end with -ase?

In 1833, French chemist Anselme Payen discovered the first enzyme which brake down starch into sugar. he named this diastase which mean in Latin seeding a part ( dia-sta ( Full Answer )
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What is an ASE master certified mechanic?

ASE is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. An ASE certified Mechanic has been instructed and tested on how to perform maintenance on a vehicle. There are ( Full Answer )
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How do you get an ase certification?

You have to meet the standard requirement's set by ASE and sign up for the test or tests of your choosing. You will pay for each test you want to take when you send in your re ( Full Answer )
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What does que ases mean in spanish?

It means: what are you doing But in the term "ases" in the question is mispelled. It should be "haces". hope this helped=)
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How many questions are on the ase test?

There are 55 questions, well, answers on each test a1-a8. Some of the questions are in the tech. A states, tech. B states format. That's why there are a few more than 55 quest ( Full Answer )
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How many ASE test must you take?

8 of them, A1-engine repair A2-automatic trans/transaxle A3-manual drive train and axles A4-suspension and steering A5-brakes A6-electrical/electronic systems A7-heating and a ( Full Answer )
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Drug names ending in -ase?

Drug names ending in "ase" may be Thrombolytic agents such as alteplase, streptokinase, reteplase, and urokinase. These drugs are used to dissolve blood clots due to coronary ( Full Answer )
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What are the eight ase test categories?

ASE Test A1 - Engine Repair ASE Test A2 - Automatic Trans/Transaxle ASE Test A3 - Manual Drive Train and Axles ASE Test A4 - Suspension and Steering ASE Test A5 - Brakes ASE T ( Full Answer )
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Substance that has a name ending in -ase?

The ending -ase in biology and biochemistry is indicative of anenzyme. Major enzymes include lipase, lactase, maltase and sucrase.
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How old to you need to be to get ASE certified?

ASE Technicians must have at least 2 years of experience and pass the examination. Completion of an automotive training program in high school, vocational or trade school, or ( Full Answer )
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Why doesn't rubisco end in 'ase'?

Enzymes usually end with the suffix "ase". Though this is a more modern method of naming enzymes, and rubisco has been identified for awhile now.
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What does ase mean in spanish?

Do you mean asi? It is pronounced like "ah-see". If so, it means, "like this".
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What are 7 letter words ending in ase?

amidase, amylase, anatase, appease, apyrase, carcase, casease, cyclase, decease, diabase, diphase, discase, disease, enchase, enolase, euclase, guanase, hydrase, inphase, inul ( Full Answer )
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What compounds end in ase or ose?

Enzymes are assigned names ending in -ase, for instance,zymase. . Sugars are assigned names ending in -ose, for instance,glucose. . One way of identifying words that end in ( Full Answer )
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What does prefix ase mean mean?

The suffix -ase means an enzyme. For example lactase breaks down lactose, a milk sugar.
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What does it mean when a technician is ase certified?

An ASE Certified technician is a mechanic who has fulfilled the voluntary requirements for certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
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What do you think the molecules are with the -ase endings on them?

It is my recollection that molecules ending in -ase (such as lactase) are molecules known as enzymes, which help to catalyze chemical reactions. Lactase, for example, is the e ( Full Answer )
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Is ase' a Swahili word?

No. Kuasa means to warn or forbid. There are hundreds of tribal languages in the areas where Swahili is spoken, and ase could be a word in one or more of them.
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What is the best place to get your ASE in automechanics?

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence of Leesburg Va holds 2 testing schedules a year. Spring and Fall testing is done at many locations throughout the US a ( Full Answer )
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What colleges can you go to get a ASE certification?

Any college will usally count as one year experince for a two year course towards certification. you must have atleast two years of experince to take an ase test and this is d ( Full Answer )
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What does ase como 10 dias mean?

Hace [not ase] como 10 días. Depending on the context: It's been about 10 days. or About 10 days ago
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How can you cheat on ase tests?

No way you can cheat only way is study when is was write test they walk around a lot now is mostly all computer test camera every when so hit these books/study guides.
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What does ola presiosa k ases mean?

it means, Hi pretty, what are you doing? But the dude who wrote that, doesn't know how to write properly even in his language.
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What type of macromolecule ATP and ATP-ase?

ATP is a nucleoside triphosphate and used in cells as a coenzymethat transfers energy within the cell. It is related to one of thebases and DNA and used over again. By ATPase ( Full Answer )
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Can you ase feint in a sentence?

The military operation was a successful feint that drew the enemy in. The feint sent the goalie sprawling across the ice as he neatly sent the puck into the corner of the net. ( Full Answer )
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What is ases worth in dollars?

The value of an as in today's money (dollars) is just about impossible to determine. The reason for this is that the as was one of the lowest denominations of Roman coinage. O ( Full Answer )
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What does the acronym ase stand for?

ASE can stand for many things such as Automated Software Engineering, Adaptive Server Enterprise, American Stock Exchange, and Application Service Element.
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What does Que Ases Vato mean?

It's probably an illiterate version of: Que haces, bato = What are you doing, idiot/simpleton