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What is ash?

It is the residue that remains when something is burned

Dawn and ash?

never for my choice is misty and if you people like misty wright a note to the Pokemon copaney because may or dawn will NEVER be with ash and im 1'0000 persent im Leah and im (MORE)

What is ash allergies?

Ash is a tree. An allergy to ash would mean you would sneeze, have hives, or have trouble breathing when you come into contact with ash pollen or ash wood.

Misty and ash?

i believe that ash and misty are a couple you can tell because when people see them fight they know that they have feelings for each other in the end they always blush in disa (MORE)

Where can you get ash?

Burn a log, and after it goes out, you pick up the ashes. In most cases, you can also just go stand by the grand exchange and pick it up. Because they is usually at least one (MORE)

What are Ash Eruption?

Ash eruptions are when a volcano emits lots of ash and rock instead of lave and throughs them really high into the air and depending on the type of volcano really far as well. (MORE)
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What Pokemon is ash?

ash isn't a Pokemon hes THE MAIN character that appears in the TV show the whole series is based around him leaving home to become a Pokemon master and the adventures he has w (MORE)

What is ash in a volcano?

The ash is composted of small fragments of volcanic glass. It forms when gasses bubble out of rising magma explosively. The magma is turned into tiny pieces as it exits the vo (MORE)

What is ash Friday?

There is no such thing as Ash Friday unless you are referring to the Friday after Ash Wednesday. However, I have never heard the term used before.

What is the whole version of 'ashes to ashes'?

From the English Book of Common Prayer: Forasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty God of his great mercy to take unto himself the soul of our dear brother here departed, we there (MORE)