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How do you ask her out?

Use the search tool at the top right . Us the Search tool at the top righthand side of the page.. Type in the following keywords: ask girl out date. A number of questions (MORE)

How do you ask him out?

tell him you know where he lives, tell him you found out by following him home, tell him you need him, tell him you hate him, then say "be my boyfriend?" trust me it worked im (MORE)

How do you get asked out?

Some ways of getting asked out are to just be yourself and if thatdoesn't work she\he is not the one for you. Another way is to tryto get the persons attention by staring at t (MORE)

How do you ask her?

well (im a girl) so just for advice do not ask your friend 2 do it 4 u she'll hate it i know cause boys have asked ther friends to ask me for then but dont do that and rem (MORE)

Does ask this?

My witness is the empty sky, it removes my pain and fills me with serenity. Mi testigo es el cielo vacio, quita mi dolor y me llena con serenidad. Does the spanish part make (MORE)
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What will you ask?

It depends on what you mean really. You could ask anything. But if you do ask anything, you still will have something to ask. You will never get to the true answer. As Socrete (MORE)
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What i am asking you answer my?

what r you asking ..its only your thought thats no other can understand wt do you just want to ask ..:)