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What is asp?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nASP means, Active Server Pages.\nAn Active Server Page is a web page that includes program code that is processed on a Microsoft web server bef ( Full Answer )
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Page cycles in asp net?

The events occur in the following sequence. Its best to turn on tracing() and track the flow of events :. PreInit - This event represents the entry point of the page life cyc ( Full Answer )
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What animal is an asp?

Asp' is another name for a snake. Historically, the asp ismentioned in the death of the Queen, Cleopatra.
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What are asps?

It is a retractible metal baton used by law inforcement officers. A new version of a night stick, or billy club.
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What are poisonous asps?

An asp is a type of snake.. world book .asp is name of a cobra found in Egypt ,it is also call the Egyptian cobra
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Was Cleopatra killed by an asp?

No. There was no mark of a snakebite anywhere on Cleopatra's body. Besides dying by snakebite is a painful lingering way to die and the luxury loving Cleopatra would never cho ( Full Answer )
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What is a asp?

any of several venomous snakes, esp. the Egyptian cobra or the horned viper. mical rules
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What is the difference between and ASP?

The main difference between ASP and ASP.Net is that ASP isinterpreted whereas, ASP.NET is compiled. This implies that sinceASP uses VBScript; therefore, when an ASP page is ex ( Full Answer )
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Is Asp weapon legal?

If you're referring to an expandable baton, they are legal, generally speaking, but some states in the U.S. require you to take a training class in order to carry one. I'd gue ( Full Answer )
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What is full form of asp?

The full form is Active Server Pages.ASP.NET is a set of web development technologies marketed by Microsoft. Programmers can use it to build dynamic web sites, web application ( Full Answer )
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What does an asp eat?

An asp viper's diet consists of rodents such as mice, lizards and small birds. The asp lies still waiting for the prey to enter its territory, then strikes at the prey, usin ( Full Answer )
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What is an ASP baton?

a asp baton is a piece of equipment used by police officers all around the world . it is a light weight solid steel stick which can be extended at the flick of a wrist type a ( Full Answer )
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Stung by asp?

It seems strange for someone to say they were "stung" rather than "bitten" by an asp, but if you know a little bit about the burrowing asps of the middle east and Africa, the ( Full Answer )
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Is an asp a tree?

No Asp is not a tree. It is a hairy catuplilar when touched with sting your skin. It is vinumous.We Teaxens usaully call it asp but its real name is puss catupilar. Sorry Im ( Full Answer )
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What is an asp weapon?

A collapsing baton. In a lot of law enforcement agencies, they've replaced the PR-24 nightstick.
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What is asp net?

ASP.NET is the "new version" of ASP (Active Server Pages), and is part of Microsoft's .NET Framework. ASP in general is a programming language that is used to create custom ( Full Answer )
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What are cookies in asp?

Cookies are little text files - sometimes encrypted - sometimesnot, which store items or settings about a particular site on theclient's machine. Some developers use them to t ( Full Answer )
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What is requirements of asp?

ASP has very simple requirements: 1. A windows server 2. IIS (Internet Information Service) 3. Notepad (To start Programming) 1st, 2nd are in purpose of running the pages an ( Full Answer )
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How do you redirect in asp?

It's simple, Just use this code: You can replace mypage.asp to any other page address that you want. (e.g.: index.html, default.php, ...)
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Which one is better from jsp and asp?

I would choose JSP because JSP is a open source technology and is free whereas ASP is a proprietary technology and is paid. Features wise, both JSP and ASP are equivalent and ( Full Answer )
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How to convert asp for use on UNIX?

ASP pages are a Microsoft technology. To convert them to run under Unix you could install a package in Apache that understands ASP, or you could rewrite it so that it uses som ( Full Answer )
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What does asp stand for in asp weapon?

It is the tradename of the company that manufactures a certain brand of expandable police-type baton. There is a joke in law enforcement circles that says that A-S-P stands f ( Full Answer )
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Is it illegal to carry an asp in Oregon?

The law in mainly the west coast states is that in order to carry a ASP you need to obtain a concealed weapons license. If you were to have one on you and fully extend it, it' ( Full Answer )

How asp difference from HTML?

HTML is a markup language. As such, it doesn't contain any logic. When you code an HTML page it's the same as producing a printed page. The data on the page is static--it neve ( Full Answer )
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What color is the asp viper?

I think the most common color is red and black, but im pretty sure you can get them in any color you want.
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How can you run asp script?

how to run asp script. you must be install a webserver program, For example IIS(Internet Information Services),you can search "iis install" in Google.
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Where do asp snakes live?

it is found in the most of north of the sahara desert and also thesouth of the sahara through the west africa and the southern partof the aribian peninsula
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Why asp is better than HTML?

ASP is for generating dynamic data driven websites. The data it sends to the user is in the form of HTML. HTML is the markup language which allows your browser to render a ( Full Answer )
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How tall is asp?

An asp is a poisonous snake. It is a cobra. They usually are not considered tall, they are considered long. An asp can easily grow to seven or eight feet long.
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What is the difrence between jsp and asp?

JSP stands for Java Server Pages is an open source Java based Technology that belongs to the Sun group whereas ASP stands for Active Server Pages and is a proprietary technolo ( Full Answer )
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How many rounds does a asp hold?

1. The ASP was a custom handgun designed by Paris Theodor, and is a 7 shot 9mm pistol, desined for concealed carry, based on the S&W Model 39. 2. The ASP is a collapsable stri ( Full Answer )
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What does the login mean when followed by asp?

The ASP stands for active server pages. It is a type of scripting. Login scripts normally use them to communicate with the login server easily. It is easier and more effective ( Full Answer )
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What is ASP and how much is it?

"ASP is the Association of Surfing Professions and has no inherent intrinsic value whatsoever. Anyone can join ASP, there are no membership duties or fees."
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Is an asp a caterpillar?

No. An asp is a type of desert snake prevalent in Northeastern Africa, especially Egypt.