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What is asp?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nASP means, Active Server Pages.\nAn Active Server Page is a web page that includes program code that is processed on a Microsoft web server bef (MORE)
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What are asps?

It is a retractible metal baton used by law inforcement officers. A new version of a night stick, or billy club.
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What are poisonous asps?

An asp is a type of snake.. world book .asp is name of a cobra found in Egypt ,it is also call the Egyptian cobra
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What is a asp?

any of several venomous snakes, esp. the Egyptian cobra or the horned viper. mical rules
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What is an ASP baton?

a asp baton is a piece of equipment used by police officers all around the world . it is a light weight solid steel stick which can be extended at the flick of a wrist type a (MORE)
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Stung by asp?

It seems strange for someone to say they were "stung" rather than "bitten" by an asp, but if you know a little bit about the burrowing asps of the middle east and Africa, the (MORE)
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What is an asp weapon?

A collapsing baton. In a lot of law enforcement agencies, they've replaced the PR-24 nightstick.
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What are cookies in asp?

Cookies are little text files - sometimes encrypted - sometimesnot, which store items or settings about a particular site on theclient's machine. Some developers use them to t (MORE)
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How do you redirect in asp?

It's simple, Just use this code: You can replace mypage.asp to any other page address that you want. (e.g.: index.html, default.php, ...)
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What does asp stand for in asp weapon?

It is the tradename of the company that manufactures a certain brand of expandable police-type baton. There is a joke in law enforcement circles that says that A-S-P stands f (MORE)