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What is an ass or donkey?

it is a donkey. They are the same thing, A donkey is domesticated, an ass is wild..
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What are asses?

The word "asses" means "several donkey-like animals". An ass is a mule, and is a cross between a horse and a donkey and the offspring are sterile. Therefore, when a horse and ( Full Answer )
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Why are asses called asses?

The latin name for an ass is Equus Asinus and comes from the wild African ass or Equus Africanus.
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What is the definition of ass?

Ass, a noun, has a few meanings: 1. A donkey, or similar animal of the genus Equus . A beast of labor 2. A person who has ass-like qualities, most notably stubbornness, less ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of an ass?

It could refer to a donkey. An informal term for buttocks or a slang for a 'stupid' person.
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What does this spell asses?

The word "asses" means "several donkey-like animals". An ass is a mule, and is a cross between a horse and a donkey and the offspring are sterile. Therefore, when a horse and ( Full Answer )
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Why do you pee out of your ass?

You don't and if YOU do YOU should get that checked out. Have a nice day :)
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Why are people such asses?

because that's life. Sometimes people are just having a bad day. They are grouchy because they haven't eaten properly. Some are just mean and nasty. Others like to "Punk" o ( Full Answer )
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What is you asses name?

"Asses" is the plural of ass, which is an animal similar in appearance to a horse or pony which is mainly used as a beast of burden because it is strong, steady, and patient. ( Full Answer )
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How do you asses PERRLA?

with the use of a pen light assess for the dilatation of a persons pupils
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How do you piss in a girl's ass?

you grab both galoots firmly and place the tip of thy shaft up against said females anal Ora-phis. step # 2 push slowly yet steadily until your penis is balls deep in her anus ( Full Answer )
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Why is your butt referred as your ass?

The American word ass, meaning buttocks, is a phonetic spelling of arse as it was pronounced in the 17th century. Arse is the Old English ars, ors, which is derived from a ( Full Answer )
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What is a big-ass break?

It's a slang expression. It's when you get a week or more off from work...Especially if you don't usually get a lot of time off. It feels rejuvenating and fun!! :) For short, ( Full Answer )
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How can you use ass as an adjective?

It can be used somewhat like "incredible," in the sense of either incredibly GOOD, or incredibly BAD. For example: -"Hey bro, check out my new motorcycle!" -"Dude, tha ( Full Answer )
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Do dudes come when they get in the ass?

it really depends on the guy. everyone is different. most guys require some sort of stimulation on their penises. but yeah, it happens.
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Who has a tiger tattoo on her ass?

No but I want one, or even like a tiger wrapped around my upper arm like an arm band, that would be cool
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What does it mean when a guy touches your ass?

It probably means he likes you a lot and wants to date you and things like that.... Or he probably think you just have a nice butt!!
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How do you ask out a girl that has a nice ass?

well guys/girls the one thing u need to no is be your self if u arnt later on ur not ganna have anything in common trust me and be funny try not to stair at her ass while talk ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell asses?

The spelling "asses" means more than one ass (donkey), or slang for "posteriors." The verb to assess means to analyze or measure.
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Is Kick-Ass with DC or Marvel?

Kick-Ass is with marvel if your looking for the comic book it a series of of eight different books but you can buy them in a single. Book the writer is mark millar the pencile ( Full Answer )
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What is a baby of an ass called?

The baby of a donkey is called a foal just like a horse baby is called. If it is a male foal of a donkey it is called a jack and if it is a female it is called a jennet or jen ( Full Answer )
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When does Kick-Ass come to DVD?

According to Lionsgate Entertainment, Kick-Ass has an official DVD and Blu-Ray Release date of August 3rd, 2010. Hope that helps.
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What is the difference between a ass and donkey?

They are the same, wild donkeys are called Wild African ass, domesticated donkeys are just known as donkeys. However, some will still refer to them as Jack ass.
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Is Kick-Ass rated R?

yes kick ass is rated r because it has the f word in it and it has some nudity
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What are the knives called in kick ass?

Butterfly knives - If your looking to buy one their are several sites for buying them and their are also some videos online that you can look at that may help you learn tricks ( Full Answer )
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What is an ass-ton?

According to Urban Dictionary, an ass-ton is a large quantity of something, generally more than expected.
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Is Kick-Ass for kids?

No, both the comic and movie are rated for mature audiences. Both contain profanity, graphic violence, drug use and some sexual situations.
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Why asses client before massage?

In order to give the most beneficial treatment, a massage therapist needs to establish an intention for the session. This can only be accomplished by an effective assessment b ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of the word candy-ass?

The earliest usage of that term I've come across is from the film Stand By Me from 1986, based on "The Body" by Stephen King. It was said by one of the characters in the film. ( Full Answer )
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Can i stick my finger up my ass?

You can stick your fingers up your bumhole during sex or masturbation, but is also known for causing hemoroids and irritation of the anal. Best thing is to not do it but wont ( Full Answer )
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What is ass. an abbreviation for?

This abbreviation may stand for associate / Association, assembler/ assembly, assign / assignment, assist, asset, or after schoolspecial, and many other terms and phrases.
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What is a lazy-ass?

It is a derogatory term for a lazy person and the term should be avoided.
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Is ass a curse word as in the sentence you don't sit on my ass '?

It depends on your geographical location. "Ass" is seen as profanity in some American and Canadian states, particularly in the south of the US. The further north you go, the l ( Full Answer )