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What is an ass or donkey?

it is a donkey. They are the same thing, A donkey is domesticated, an ass is wild..
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What is the definition of ass?

Ass, a noun, has a few meanings: 1. A donkey, or similar animal of the genus Equus . A beast of labor 2. A person who has ass-like qualities, most notably stubbornness, less (MORE)
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What is asse?

A small foxlike animal (Vulpes cama) of South Africa, valued for its fur.
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What is the definition of an ass?

It could refer to a donkey. An informal term for buttocks or a slang for a 'stupid' person.
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How do you piss in a girl's ass?

you grab both galoots firmly and place the tip of thy shaft up against said females anal Ora-phis. step # 2 push slowly yet steadily until your penis is balls deep in her anus (MORE)
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Why is your butt referred as your ass?

The American word ass, meaning buttocks, is a phonetic spelling of arse as it was pronounced in the 17th century. Arse is the Old English ars, ors, which is derived from a (MORE)
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What is a big-ass break?

It's a slang expression. It's when you get a week or more off from work...Especially if you don't usually get a lot of time off. It feels rejuvenating and fun!! :) For short, (MORE)
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How can you use ass as an adjective?

It can be used somewhat like "incredible," in the sense of either incredibly GOOD, or incredibly BAD. For example: -"Hey bro, check out my new motorcycle!" -"Dude, tha (MORE)
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Do dudes come when they get in the ass?

it really depends on the guy. everyone is different. most guys require some sort of stimulation on their penises. but yeah, it happens.
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What is an ass-ton?

According to Urban Dictionary, an ass-ton is a large quantity of something, generally more than expected.
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What is ass. an abbreviation for?

This abbreviation may stand for associate / Association, assembler/ assembly, assign / assignment, assist, asset, or after schoolspecial, and many other terms and phrases.
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What is a lazy-ass?

It is a derogatory term for a lazy person and the term should be avoided.
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How do you spell assed?

The likely word is asked (inquired).
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What is ass-milk?

Ass is another word for donkey - so donkeys milk
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Is ass a curse word as in the sentence you don't sit on my ass '?

It depends on your geographical location. "Ass" is seen as profanity in some American and Canadian states, particularly in the south of the US. The further north you go, the l (MORE)