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What is an asset?

business asset (something of value owned by a business). Anything owned \nby an entity or an individual is an asset of that entity or that \nindividual and which can provide c ( Full Answer )
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What are assets?

Assets are items of monetary value owned by a business. They can be tangible objects such as CD players, bikes, toys, cash, etc. a asset is something you own or you business ( Full Answer )
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What are liquid assets?

Answer . assets you can easily sell. Answer . They are assets that can quickly turned into cash. Stocks, bonds and gold coins are liquid. A house or a race horse woul ( Full Answer )
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What are capital assets?

Capita assets are those assets which can furture generate income, useally reffer to plant, machinery etc.
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What is asset?

asset is something which can be changed into cash at any time.... eg: buliding, machine , computer ....etc. . there are two kind ot asset ... . 1) tangable ....which can be ( Full Answer )
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How can you be an asset?

An asset is a person that helps out a lot with their company or is a special item. To be an asset, you can work very hard and volunteer to help out with special jobs.
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What is assets?

Any item which is expected to used in the business for earnings andprofit is called asset. There are two types of assets on the basesof their uses as : Short term assets or cu ( Full Answer )
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What are financial assets?

Money you have that you own, or things of value (such as realestate, or a vehicle or land or whatever) that you own that can be liquidated (turned into money by selling or ren ( Full Answer )
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What are quick assets?

Assets that can be converted to cash quickly. Short term treasuries, accounts receivable, inventories can all be considered quick assets.
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What is legacy assets?

Legacy assets are those assets which are less productive (outdated) and in some cases least productive overtime, they are just on the brink of being a liability.. When assets ( Full Answer )
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Is an accrual an asset?

Accruals are accounts on a balance sheet that represent liabilitiesand non-cash-based assets. These accounts include accounts payable,accounts receivable, goodwill and future ( Full Answer )
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How do you capitalize an asset?

Capital Items = Items of lasting value (expected life > 1 year). (Assets) Expense Items = Consumable items whose lasting value is expected to be
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What is the current assets?

Current assets are assets that are likely to be converted into cash within the operating period. Another way to put it is current assets are the most liquid assets of a compa ( Full Answer )
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What is a asset?

a asset means the properties of every description belonging to the trade or the valuable things owned by a business concern. Ex: cash, goods, buildings, machinery, etc., By-N ( Full Answer )
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What makes an asset a capital asset?

Estimated useful life of two years or more. Original purhcase price equal to or greater than $100,000
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Painting of assets is an asset or expense?

If a custom paint scheme was applied when the asset was new (such as a company vehicle), you would add that painting cost to the capitalized cost of the asset. If the painting ( Full Answer )
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How do you convert noncurrent assets into assets?

since noncurrent assets are fixed assets and current asset are business properties tend to be used within a years period example machinery a business can put their properties ( Full Answer )
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What type of assets are capital assets and how do they differ from current assets?

Capital assets , also referred to as capital goods and plant, property and equipment , are a kind of non-current asset. The main purpose of these assets is generating reven ( Full Answer )
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Can a tangible asset be a financial asset?

Ive had a similar question like this in a finance exam. Apparently its wrong to say that all financial assets are intangible (i.e. yes, a financial asset can be a tangible a ( Full Answer )
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Why it is that an asset is a asset?

There are three characteristics that define an asset, as follows: . The entity obtained the asset in a past event/transaction. . The entity has present control over the as ( Full Answer )
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What will be you asset to our company?

This is a question often asked during job interviews. It is meantto gauge a person's ability to market themselves, reveal usefulskills (possibly beyond the resume, assuming th ( Full Answer )
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When is an asset classified as a current asset?

An asset is something that is considered to be a future economic benefit of the business a current asset is the same but that future economic benefit is expected to occur wi ( Full Answer )
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When is an asset not an asset?

There are many things which could be considered an asset to a company that are not reflected on the company's Balance Shhet as an asset. For example: qualified, competent empl ( Full Answer )
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Is carpet an asset?

It as a Fixed Asset if it is not for resale purposes and is used for more than 1 accounting period. But it might not be recorded in the B.S as a Fixed asset if the company fee ( Full Answer )
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What is an ISR asset?

It is an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance asset. Usually referenced when dealing with Unmanned Aerial vehicles(UAVS) Since this is in Business accounting and bo ( Full Answer )
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What is a pledge asset?

An asset that a borrower transfers to the possession of a lender as collateral for a loan. The borrower maintains ownership and all associated rights of the pledged asset. Whe ( Full Answer )
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Is stationary assets current assets?

Yes it is, a non current asset is one that will last over 12months, a current asset is one that will be used up within 12months.
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When is an asset a critical asset?

When an asset's loss or unavailability significantly impacts theexecution of one or more METs - and there are no other alternativeassets that can be utilized to execute the ME ( Full Answer )
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What is an it asset management?

An it asset management is the set of business practices that join financial, contractual and inventory functions to support life cycle management and to make decision making.
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Is wildlife an asset?

Wild life is definitely an asset to man kind because of the unimaginable natural wealth it provides in the form of medicines,food, wood,perfumes paint,oil,fuel and cosmetics.I ( Full Answer )
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What are in assets accounts?

Everything of value that an entity owns is considered an asset. Cash, supplies, vehicles, land, etc...
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What is a lumpy asset?

An assest that cannot be acquired in small increments but must be obtained in large, discrete units.
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What do you mean by assets fixed assets and current assets?

Assets: Assets are those items which are utilized by company to earn profitin business cycle. Fixed Assets: Fixed assets are those items the benefits of which have been tak ( Full Answer )
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Is biological asset is a fixed asset?

No, because biological assets constantly change. Examples of biological assets are property, equipment, etc. A fixed asset does not change.