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What do you need to become a dental assisant?

Sometimes you can find a Dentist who is willing to train on the job. You may earn a license to take x-rays, become a registered dental assistant, certified dental assistant, o ( Full Answer )
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Who was Assisant manager and a player same time?

It was the Italian Vialli who was a player as well as assistant coach to Ruud Gullit, who was head coach as well as a player then for Chelsea before the oil money arriveed.
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How does the Law of Agency make it possible for a patient to sue both the medical assistant and the phyiscian for negligence committed by the medical assisant?

Because the medical assistant is the legal responsibility of the physician and are acting under their direction. Medical assistants often have training at unaccredited for-pr ( Full Answer )
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How does an medical assisant perfom a drug test?

Medical assistant will take prior written permission to perform a drug test. He will take your blood and require your urine to perform the drug test.
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What a dental assisant do?

they help with patient care, record keeping, developing x-rays, and preparing dental molds and tooth impressions.