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What are words that end in ast?

Last fast past cast aghast hast caste mast vast gymnast bombast blast dynast pederast contrast oast toast boast yeast beast least . coast dast gast hoast roast wast
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What does High AST on a metabolic panel mean?

It depends on the context and may indicate any of the following conditions: . Cirrhosis (scarring of the liver) . Heart attack . Hemochromatosis . Hepatitis . Liver ca ( Full Answer )
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What does AST on a blood test mean?

AST stands for aspartate transaminase. It is an enzyme found in various cells, including liver cells, and elevated levels may indicate liver damage, but must be interpreted ( Full Answer )
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What does a low ast mean?

AST stands for aspartate aminotransferase, which is an enzyme. Itis normal to have a low level of AST in the blood. AST levelsbecome elevated when there is damage or disease t ( Full Answer )
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What is AST and ALT in blood tests?

AST is aspartate transaminase. ALT is alanine transaminase. These are both liver enzymes - which can help to monitor liver function.
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What does low AST indicate?

According to Tietz 4th edition there aren't really any clinicalconditions which are associated with a low AST value all by itself.AST is measured by physicians to determine li ( Full Answer )
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What does ast mean in basketball?

The abbreviation ast in basketball means assists. It is normallylisted in the stats of a player during, and after games, along withtheir points and rebounds.
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Root meaning of ast?

The word ast comes from Persian (also known as Farsi or Parsi), and it means is in English. Persian and Sanskrit are the basis of Indo European languages. The relatioships ( Full Answer )
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What is the treatment for ast?

sit casualty down by a table ask them to learn forward put their arms on table keep them calm give inhaler if they have one
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What are the homeopathic remedies to lower AST and ALT?

AST is another name for SGOT and ALT is another name for SGPT. The reference range of AST is 15-41 IU/L and that of ALT is 14-54IU/L There is no specific medicine in homeopa ( Full Answer )
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What does the time zone AST stand for?

Ut stands for Atlantic Standard Time. There are several different time zones that use the letters AST. It can mean: Alaskan Standard Time (GMT -7:00) Atlantic Standa ( Full Answer )
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Is 51 high and dangerous for AST?

It is mildly elevated. It is not immediately dangerous by itself but you should talk to your doctor about why it might be high at all.
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Is there aste of sextuplets born in Ohio?

Yes, there was a set of sextuplets born in Ohio. Their last name isMcGhee and they were born at Ohio State University Medical Centerin Columbus, Ohio in June of 2010.
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Words that start with ast?

ast- means star so try find words that are related to star. Ex. astronaut astrology
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What is low ast?

The acronym AST refers to Aspartate Aminotransferase. The level isnormally low, and this is a good thing. Higher levels can indicatesomething wrong, such as tissue damage.
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What is ast in basketball?

Referring to statistics, "ast" is an abbreviation for Assists. This is when a player passes the ball to one of his teammates and they score.
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Can a honey bear hamster ast celery?

The proper name is Syrian Hamster, and no, they cannot eat celery. It is too stingy and could be harmful.
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Why I have to pay AST Assessment for your coop appartment?

Read your governing documents, a copy of which you signed when you purchased your co-op, and figure out what you promised to pay. If you promised to pay AST Assessment, then ( Full Answer )
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What does the Greek root ast mean?

The Greek root 'ast' means 'star', and it is used in words such as 'asteroid', 'asterisk', and 'astronaut'.
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What location is AST time zone in?

Most of the mainland (Labrador) part of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador . New Brunswick . Nova Scotia . Prince Edward Island . Quebec - East of 63 West only.
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What conditions elevate ALT and AST?

ALT and AST can be elevated in many diseases, but are indicators of the health of the liver. If they are both elevated then there is something going on with the liver, but wit ( Full Answer )
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What is the time difference between AST and GMT?

There are two time zones abbreviated AST. GMT is four hours ahead of Atlantic Standard Time. Arabia Standard Time is three hours ahead of GMT.
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Who said Hanoz Delhi Door Ast?

In the long history of medieval Dehli, this phrase has been famously uttered twice, once by the Saint of the people Nizamuddin Aulia and then again by the drunken sultan Muham ( Full Answer )
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What rickey ast name from one direction?

There isn't a Rickey in one direction. There is Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, zayn Mailk and Liam Payne. LOL.
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What does ast mean in time zone?

AST is one of many ambiguous time zone designations. It stands for both Atlantic Standard Time (UTC-4) and Arabia Standard Time (UTC+3). The people who control the time zone ( Full Answer )
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What does part ast- mean?

If you are thinking of words like astrology, the word part is actually astro, which means "star". It appears in words like astronaut, disaster, the flower aster, Astro-boy, et ( Full Answer )
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What are the causes of high AST values?

AST (aspartate transaminase) is another name for SGOT (serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase). It is a liver enzyme. While it could be elevated in cases of liver inflammatio ( Full Answer )
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When did Pat Ast die?

Pat Ast died on October 3, 2001, in West Hollywood, California, USA of natural causes.
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What movie and television projects has Adelaide Aste been in?

Adelaide Aste has: Played Iris in "La suora giovane" in 1965. Played Paziente in "Pierino medico della SAUB" in 1981. Performed in "Odore di spigo" in 1990. Performed in "Memo ( Full Answer )
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Ast means about time?

AST is an abbreviation for Atlantic Standard Time, a time zonewhose time is observed by subtracting 4 hours from CoordinatedUniversal Time (UTC).
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What has the author Antonio Aste written?

Antonio Aste has written: 'Avidio Cassio. Aspetti storici e letterari di una secessione' 'La Vita Getae dell'Historia Augusta' 'Le vite minori dell'Historia Augusta. D. ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Harold G Ast written?

Harold G. Ast has written: 'Senate legislative procedural flow and related House action' -- subject(s): Legislation