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Is an ox-eyed Dasiy an aster?

The scientific name of oxeye daisy is Leucanthemum vulgare . It is a member of the family Asteraceae but is not in the genus Aster.
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What does an aster tattoo symbolize?

Answer . The birth flower for the month of September.. the Aster is Love, Faith, Wisdom and symbolizes Valor
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What is an asterism?

Asterism is a patter of stars recognized on Earth's night sky. Theycould be part of a official constellation of be composed of starsfrom more than on. They are quite similar t ( Full Answer )
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What is the asterism of Cassiopeia?

\nCassiopeia contains two asterisms. The difference between an asterism and a constellations is that an asterism isn’t one of the 88 “official” constellations. ( Full Answer )
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What are aster flowers?

aster refers to the family in which the flower belongs. its important to know because there are some flower diseases will attack only certain families of flowers
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How do you treat aster wilt?

My aster turned brown and dry in early July from wilt. I sheared the plant down to 2 or 3 inches and it is now coming back just fine with green growth and seems to have spread ( Full Answer )
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What is an example of an asterism?

The 'Big Dipper', 'Little Dipper', 'Northern Cross', 'Summer Triangle', Orion's belt, and the 'teapot' of Sagittarius are asterisms ... instantly recognizable patterns of st ( Full Answer )
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An example of an asterism?

The Big Dipper, Little Dipper, Northern Cross, and Orion's Belt are all asterisms. They're recognizable patterns that are parts of constellations but not complete constellatio ( Full Answer )
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How do you grow Aster?

Asters are very prone to a fungal disease. They start growing mid season and immediately start with fungal spores. I start spraying them for their fungus very early as a preve ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between an asterisms and a constellation?

The word "asterism" is given to a grouping of stars that is not on the "official" list of 88 constellations maintained by the International Astronomical Union. Also - an aster ( Full Answer )
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What was asterisms?

Got all these meanings, hope they could be of help.. Printing. Three asterisks in a triangular formation used to call attention to a following passage. . Astronomy. A clus ( Full Answer )
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How do the flower Asters look like?

they are a loverly pink, purple and white flowers with a yellow middle if you put then together they will make a loverly display. any questions i am here and will tell you the ( Full Answer )
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What is ans asteric on a keyboard?

The asteric on the keyboard is the star key (*) above the 9 on the right side.
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What color is an aster?

Aster is most commonly used to describe a shade of purple. However, I have seen the Aster flower in different shades of purple and pinks and also in white..
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What stage of meiosis is an aster formed?

During mitosis, asters are formed during the prophase stage (thefirst stage). An aster is a star-shaped cellular structure formedduring mitosis in an animal cell.
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What is the function of an aster?

Asters are microtubules(components of the cellular cytoskeleton) produced by centrioles. Their function is to hold the two centrioles in place at the two poles of the cell dur ( Full Answer )
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Do plant cells contain aster?

plant cells do not have aster fibres... aster fibres are those fibres surrounding the centrosomes and centrioles.. since plant cells do not have centrosomes they do not have a ( Full Answer )
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Where do asters grow?

The Aster includes 600 species of star shaped flowering plants. The name is Greek, meaning "star". Most of the species are found in gardens because of their showy flowers and ( Full Answer )
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Does Aster Phoenix love someone?

Reggie MacKenzie ... ? It says there he seemed to be quite close to her.
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What forms asters during mitosis?

centrioles develop a very fine eyelash like threads called astralrays.Centrioles alongwith astral rays are called asters
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What is aster flower called in marathi?

This flower is called "Ashter" in Marathi ! These sacred flowers are very commonly used in Hindu Puja's and Festivals !
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How long does it take for a aster to grow?

From what ive researched, it takes 5 days to germinate, 26 more days to transplant and 127 more days until fully grown and reached maturity (bloom/harvest)
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What does the suffix aster mean?

-aster is a pejorative suffix meaning one who does something poorly. A poetaster is a bad poet, etc.
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Where does Molly Aster live?

Molly Aster from Peter an stage Starcatchers is Wendy Darlings mother. In the book Peter Pan by J.M Barrie Wendy lives at 14 Kensington Place Gardens so I'm guess that's were ( Full Answer )
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What animal eats the Mojave Aster?

The Mojave Aster is a desert plant found in southeasternCalifornia. It is unknown whether any animals eat this plant.
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What is the ASTER method?

There is the ASTER way when it comes to writing. The method is A for admit, S for state, T for turn, E, for explain, and R for restate. The ASTER way is introduced around the ( Full Answer )
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Where can someone find information about Asterism?

Someone who were researching or looking for information on clusters of stars, or Asterism, should try looking into Astrological websites such as Night Sky Atlas.
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Who discovered asterisms?

Asterisms are patterns of stars. They are usually parts of constellations. Sometimes they can be made up of stars from more than one constellation. People don't "discover" the ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Sidney Aster written?

Sidney Aster has written: 'British foreign policy, 1918-1945' -- subject(s): Archival resources, Foreign relations, Library resources '1939; the making of the Second World ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Aster Bein written?

Aster Bein has written: 'An analysis of the communication problems between a UK based college in London and its parent company headquarters in Athens'
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What has the author Howard Aster written?

Howard Aster has written: 'House on the hill' -- subject(s): Anecdotes, Biography, Canada, Canada. Parliament. House of Commons, Caricatures and cartoons, Humor, Politics an ( Full Answer )