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You pooped and you ate it why?

I ate it because i was hungry and i wasn't in the mood for candy or anything else we had at our grocery store that my family has owned for 75 years. Stop by some time! it is c ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with ate?

Accelerate, Aggravate, Agitate, Appreciate, Arrogate, Asphyxiate, Ate, Bait, Carbonate, Castrate, Checkmate, Chlorate, Chromate, Circulate, Circumnavigate, Colgate, Communicat ( Full Answer )
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Who ate apples?

Well in general everybody has or does eat apples! Especially the Americans like the old towned people and the England people!
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What if you ate your earwax?

You could become ill. Earwax is made up of all the bacteria, sirt and germs that have travelled into your ear, so if you ate earwax, you would be eating all that bacteria, dir ( Full Answer )
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What ate dinosaurs?

Nothing eats dinosaurs, because they dont exist anymore. But back in the day, other dinosaurs ate dinosaurs.
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What if you ate a LEGO?

It depends - if you are an adult & the Lego is small, it will probably pass through your digestive tract and be passed out with your stool. If it is a child, it could get stuc ( Full Answer )
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Who is Ate?

Goddess of Infatuation, Obsession and Mad Impulses. She prompts people to do stupid things on the spur of the moment.
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Who ate the apple?

Eve (it was a papaya) Additional information: Actually, the Bible doesn't say what kind of fruit it was...just 'fruit'(Genesis 3:2+6). Eve first ate the fruit, then gave ( Full Answer )
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What did the Cahokians ate?

Cahokia (the real name of the city is unknown) was a thriving community with gardens, marketplaces, merchants, craftsmen and dealers in all kinds of commodities; the city was ( Full Answer )
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What if the food ate you?

If the food ate you then i guess its bad in health and it can be gross and dangerous.
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What ate the hallucigenia?

The genus Hallucigenia is a speculative marine animal of the Cambrian period, thought to be related to modern "velvet worms" by their segmentation. Its life cycle and niche ( Full Answer )
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What is an ats panel?

Automatic transfer switch An ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) is an expensive auxiliary piece of equipment and depending on the standby situation, is not always used. In eme ( Full Answer )
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What ate a mammoth?

Saber tooth tigers (traveling and hunting in packs) would eat them if they were weak or infected by disease.
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What is ate in Spanish?

In Spanish, you need to know who is doing the eating. In English, it makes no difference. I ate, you ate, we ate, they ate. In Spanish, the word used is different for each "pe ( Full Answer )
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Who is ate Venice?

cia ang pinaka panget na ate sa buong mundo! kasing panget niya ang ugali niya! promise ..
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What was the food they ate?

It depends on who you are referring to, as everyone eats different foods. Since "they" does not refer to anyone specifically, there is really no solid answer to this question. ( Full Answer )
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Who ate your cupcake?

My friend Jade ate it, well half of it, then it fell on the floor :(
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Is there rhymes with ate?

Bait Crate Date Fait Fate Freight Gate Hate Kate Late Mate Rate State Wait Weight
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What ate senators?

Nothing ate a senator! What I think you you are trying to say is what are senators? Senators are members of a senate.
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Is this correct- has ate?

No! The present perfect is formed with the past participle, not the past indicative; therefore, "has eaten" would be correct.
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What iguanodons ate?

As a plant eater, or herbivore, Iguanodon was one of the earliest dinosaurs with the ability to chew, and thus had an ability to digest tough plant material more effectively t ( Full Answer )
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What did the Cherokee ate?

Cherokee Indians were farmers and hunter/gatherers. They grew crops such as corn, squash, beans and sunflowers, as well as gathered berries, fruits and nuts that were indigeno ( Full Answer )
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What did stegosaurus ate?

Stegosaurus was an herbivore, or plant eater. They probably ate mosses, ferns, horsetails, cycads and conifers. A study of the bite force and teeth of Stegosaurus suggests tha ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you ate wax?

If it is unscented paraffin wax or beeswax, it is not poisonous. If you feel ill, contact a poison control center or a local hospital. If it is a tiny bit of candlewax or some ( Full Answer )
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What ate a stegosaurus?

Baby Stegosaurus would have made an easy meal for almost any carnivorous dinosaur, even small ones like Ornitholestes. However, Stegosaurus lived in herds and the parents woul ( Full Answer )
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What is the Welsh for 'ate'?

If you're trying to say "I ate" it would be 'bwytais i". They ate would be "bwyton nhw'n" - Look up welsh gramma online to make it exact to your sentence, because there is dif ( Full Answer )
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Is are ate correct?

Altough the question is not clear, the answer is definitely wrong. If question is trying to ask if some people have eaten, proper question should be "Have they eaten?" No way ( Full Answer )
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What ate pentominos?

Pentominoes are all the flat figures you can make with five squares (connected by their sides). There are 12 in total.
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Who ate lmfao?

LMFAO is a electronic dance music duo from Los Angeles. The members, Redfoo and SkyBlu, are decendents of Berry Gordy, Jr, the founder of Mowtown Records.
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Where ate Dalmatians from?

Well what people think Is Dalmatians are from Croatia because the main animal you usually see in Croatia Is a Dalmatian
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Is ate a pronoun?

No, the word 'ate' is the past tense of the verb to eat (eats, eating, eaten, ate).
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Is ate is verb?

Yes it is. Ate, as in the action "ate something" is a verb. It is the past tense of eat. A verb is a word that describes either an action (walk, run, etc),an occurrence (bec ( Full Answer )
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What ate deinosuchus?

Scientists were not sure about the deinosuchus enemies, but they may be attacked by t-rexes and some large pterodactyls.
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What ate a velociraptor?

There was only one predator that lived at the same time and place as Velociraptor and was more formidable. It is only known from fragmentary remains, but it may be Alectrosaur ( Full Answer )
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Is ate an adjective?

No, it is not. It is the irregular past tense of the verb "to eat." e.g. I ate breakfast this morning.