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What are atma gunas explained in goutama darma sutra?

The Eight Atma Guna Qualities . The eight gunas or qualities of the Self are are: daya, kshanti, anasuya, sauca, anayasa, mangala, akarpanya, aspriha. " Daya " implies l (MORE)
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What is the relationship between atma and samsara?

samsara or sasara is creating because of the lust, hatred and delusion. According to Theravada Buddhism there is nothing called atma. we think there is something like that bec (MORE)
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Prabhu main janti aur manti hoon ki sabko karamo ka fal milta hai per app to iswer hain sab kuch kar sakte hain mujh malin ko shudh atma bna do please?

Jis tarah aapne apne ROM ROM se ishwar ko pukara hai, wo shayad mai huu jisse prabhu ne aapko respond karne ko prerit kiya aur thus i would like to respond your request. Aa (MORE)
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Is it possible to tattoo something that symbolizes your soul. For example if I tattoo the word 'atma' could that symbolize my soul?

There aren't any laws regarding symbolism, you can claim whatever you want to symbolize your soul. If you pick something strange but recognizable, be ready to explain yourself (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Chandaal Atma - 1999?

The cast of Chandaal Atma - 1999 includes: Aparna Manmauji as Banwari Sudhir as Shukla Rakesh Bedi as Dilher Darpok Singh Sudhir Dalvi as Shivdas Nilesh Dilshad Bharat Kapoor (MORE)
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What has the author Atma Ram written?

Atma Ram has written: 'Education in India ; Reforming the System' 'Woman as a novelist' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, English Love stories, History, History (MORE)