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How do you attain moksha?

Attaining moksha is the highest goal of Hinduism. One can attainmoksha by either meditating, chanting name of god, doing good deedsor doing yoga.
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How can you attain your goal?

what i did was amake a list of all my goals and hung it right by my bed. It's always there and i can remember them. it also helps cuz it's nagging at u till you get it done. t (MORE)
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What is wisdom and how is it attained?

The ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight. We might also say, it is the acquisition of knowledge, and using that knowledge in the most appropria (MORE)
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How do you attain spirituality?

If you are a devoted Christian or another religion, you pray as much as possible, read the Holy Book daily, and attend Mass, Divine Liturgy, or any kind of worship. You repent (MORE)
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How can you attain Moksha?

Mind has influence of food we eat and therefore for pure mind fooodshould be complete violence free. Vegetable is also has life .weshuold eat non-violence food.pure mind is pu (MORE)
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What is the definition of attaining?

Attaining: to reach, achieve, or accomplish. Also to gain, to come or arrive at. Finally, to succeed.. attain . Verb 1 . to manage to do or get (something): the country a (MORE)
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What is freedom and how can it be attained?

freedom is whatever you believe it is and you can get freedom from being yourself or just by being trustworthy and responsible .Everybody has the capabolity of having freedom (MORE)
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How do you attain enlightenment?

The Buddha taught that enlightenment can be reached through, Meditation, Contemplation, and Mindfulness while acting compassionately for all beings.
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What is a sentence for attainment?

The attainment of a championship was the team's sole focus. Sheknew the attainment of her goal was finally within reach.
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How do you attain after life?

The word a 'attain' suggests an after life can only be achieved with pre-requisite criteria. Any after life whether religious or scientific will be attained by any form of lif (MORE)
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What are attainable standards?

These are set at levels which it is considered are capable of being attained with reasonable effort. Example work force, ideal condition of the environment, rest period, produ (MORE)
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How do you attain your records?

Well I normally do something fun, and test myself and the better I get, the better my "record" gets. But I also buy records at Wally World.
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What is a synonym to attain?

obtain, get, reach, complete, gain, achieve, acquire, fulfil, accomplish
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What is a synonym for attain?

obtain, get, reach, complete, gain, achieve, acquire, fulfil, accomplish
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What is Moksha and how do you attain it?

MOKSHA AND KARMA: Moksha is defined as freedom from unending cycles of reincarnation. Karma is the cause for the unending cycles of reincarnations. These Hindu beliefs about (MORE)
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How is moksha attained?

Moksha can only be attained when the soul becomes completely pure.
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How are goals attained?

Goals are the mission of a particular organization and to be able to achieved the goals, they should be well classified and analyzed. In simpler words the goals should be SMAR (MORE)
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Is attain an adjective?

No, it is not. Attain is a verb meaning to achieve a goal orobjective.
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Attainments of the Hittites?

The Hittite military successfully used chariots. The Hittitesbelonged to the Bronze Age but they were the forerunners of theIron Age. They manufactured iron artifacts from as (MORE)