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What is an auction?

An auction is where a group of people are bidding on an item. As one person names a price, the next names one higher. Eventually they will reach a price that only one person i ( Full Answer )
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What are online auctions?

Online auctions are auctions on the internet, e.g., e-bay , where you bid online for items you want to buy. There are also a number of live auctions. See related links se ( Full Answer )
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What is a slave auction?

Slave auctions were places where people were sold as slaves to other people. In slave auctions, families were split up and sold to different owners for different amounts of ( Full Answer )
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What does an auctioneer do?

An auctioneer auctions off items at a sale for purchase to those who bid the highest.
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What were penny auctions?

Basically, a person lists an item for sale for a fraction of what that item is worth. Let's say I want to sell my car. I list it for $1.00 but I charge everyone who wants to j ( Full Answer )
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Get into a car auction?

You can get into a car auction by knowing someone who is a buyer. What you will probably find (my experience) is that there are few real deals--most buyers depend on doing doz ( Full Answer )
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What does an auctioneer use?

Traditionally an auctioneer would use a gavel, which is a small ceremonial mallet commonly made of hardwood, this would be struck against another piece of wood to indicate a ( Full Answer )
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How do you become an auctioneer?

Each state in the US has different requirements for becoming an auctioneer. The most common step you need to take is to obtain a sales tax certificate. Some states require you ( Full Answer )
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What is teletrade auctions?

Teletrade Certified Coin and Currency Auctions is an online auction that auctions coins and other currency to collectors and coin dealers. They have several online auctions ( Full Answer )
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What is an Internet auction?

An internet auction is the sale of merchandise over a period of time where people bid against each other to buy products or services. The winning bid at the end of the sale pe ( Full Answer )
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What was a slave auction?

A slave auction was the process used to sell slaves to slaveowners. Slaves were presented and bid on like property.
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What is auction block?

The auction block has been used for slavery it is when they (slave sellers) would take a few slaves at a time and let the men auction on these africans.
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What are car auctions?

Car auctions are events at which cars are sold using the auction method, with buyers offering bids and cars being sold to the highest bidder. Some auctions are open to the pub ( Full Answer )
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What is a quarter auction?

A venue where you go to bid and win items of your choice. Bidding is in quarter increments, thus the name. Information Found on: ( Full Answer )
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What is e-auction?

Auctions are common in markets where the goods sold are valuable (like art) or when their prices can't be easily determined. The process of an auction aims to find a fair pric ( Full Answer )
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What is auction sieve?

Auction sieve is a desktop tool that helps filter results on eBay. See related link.
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Where do you have auction?

eBay is the leading online auction serviceprovider. Recently, Beckett Media launched its own Auction service.If you want to auction yourself, you may need to have knowledgeabo ( Full Answer )
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Where are horse auctions?

I am not too sure, but i do know there is definitely one on Chincoteage island.
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How can you get in car auctions?

well, first you have to know somebody in the business, then you have to get them to "hook you up", then you're good to go except that you'd better have a pretty big wad of cas ( Full Answer )
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What is an reserved auction?

The direct opposite of a traditional auction. The bidders list their product or service requirements and the maximum price they are willing to pay for it. Potential sellers wh ( Full Answer )
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How were slaves auctioned?

As any other property was auctioned such as cattle. The slaves were publicly displayed and bids were made. The bidders would inspect the individuals who were being sold. Slave ( Full Answer )
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Can the auctioneer bid at an auction?

No, it would be inappropriate and is even illegal in many circumstances (called shill bidding). It is completely illegal in the state of Pennsylvania. --- As with the sell ( Full Answer )
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What is a towing auction?

if the towed vehicle is not taken back by the owner then the vehicle is actioned.
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Where are auto auctions?

I would venture to say there aren't a dozen goodpublic auto auctions anywhere in the US. Local newspapers. Yes thelocal newspaper classified ad section is still around and the ( Full Answer )
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Where is the auction page?

you have to wait till youve gone on howrse 10 times. then go under the breeding tab. then CLICK ACTION!
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How do you get in the car auction?

Car auctions are usually posted in the internet. There are carauctions that specifically allow car dealers only while others areopen to the public.
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What is a bachelors auction?

It Is where some place wants to raise money they will get the bachelors on the team to go to the auction you pay money and go on a date simple as that. And who knows maby you ( Full Answer )
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Is a reverse auction different from a regular auction?

Yes. A reverse auction is different from a regular auction. The roles of the buyers and sellers are reversed. In a reverse auction, sellers are competing for business.
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Can the auctioneer bid at a storage locker auction?

I do not believe the auctioneer can bid on the unit being auctioned. Check specific state lien laws though. They vary quite a bit from state to state.
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Where are there auction places?

You can find auctions online. You can also look in the business section of the newspaper, or the yellow pages in the phone book.
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What is a static auction?

A static auction is run online. The seller sets the reserve priceand this allows the bidders to place bids around the clock, ifdesired. Ebay is one example of a static auction ( Full Answer )
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What is a police auction?

It is an auction conducted by a police department where the department sells off items confiscated during that year.
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How do you get your dealer auction?

I think to get auction dealer, we need to collect some rare itemswhich people did not have! Also if you build some reputation, thenit will help!
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What is an auction sale?

an auction sale is when many people gather and choose what theywant to buy out of the many choices that are being sold
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Is Santa a auctioneer?

Santa is not an auctioneer by profession. He is a toymaker and apilot and a computer genius (he has to be to arrange all of theChristmas production and delivery). However, San ( Full Answer )