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Is audacious a negative word?

I think it relates to something innovative, original, so being bold is fine because it's better to make original moves than copycat others or just sit back.
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How do i use audacious in a sentence?

Audacious means Extremely bold, courageous, dauntless. Foreg : Bear Grylls of Man vs wild is an audacious explorer. another meaning is aboriginal or extremely original . (MORE)
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Where does the word 'audacious' originate?

Audacious derives from the Latin word audax , meaning "brave, daring". When declined, this Latin adjective took the form audac- . Audacious has been in the English lang (MORE)
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What does audaciousness mean?

I hope this will help. The word "audacious" means daring, bold, impudent. Other words for it are: confident, adventurous, unafraid, meddlesome, reckless, shameless, impudent, (MORE)
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A sentence using the word audacious?

You could use it anywhere you would use "daring" or "reckless". for example: "He had an audacious plan to swim across the English Channel at night."
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How do you use audaciously in a sentence?

Audacious means adventurous or bold. An example of using 'audaciously' in a sentence is 'His invitation to hike the glacier was audaciously tempting'.
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What is the relationship between dearing and audacious?

If you mean "Daring", and I assume you do, then the relationship is that they can mean the same thing. To do something audacious is to do something that is surprising and nota (MORE)
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What audacious plan was proposed by a Federal secret agent in the Spring of 1862 to Gen. O. Mitchell in order to seize the city of Chattanooga and what was its outcome?

The Federal secret agent James Andrews put in motion following plan, after being authorised by general O. Mitchell, commander of the 3rd division of the Army of the Cumberland (MORE)
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What does audacious mean in the hobbit?

In chapter 1, Thorin says the following: "We are met together inthe house of our friend and fellow conspirator, this most excellentand audacious hobbit - may the hair on his t (MORE)