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Three deeds of audacity?

Audacity means Fearless daring; can be taken in a gud sense or bad.. Gud Sense; Revolt, Revolution against something not fare, something socially not acceptable, Courage to s ( Full Answer )
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Are there other programs like Audacity?

yes theres:. Adobe Audition. sweep. and AVS Audio Editor. so yes there are programs like aduacity
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What is audacity?

Audacity is an Audio Editing Program for the computer. You can mix sounds, record sounds and edit sounds. You can choose what type of file you want it to be too. It can be dow ( Full Answer )
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Does audacity have a virus?

no Zell's Answer: I have found a virus on the 1.2.6 version of Audacity from SourceForge. Resident Shield detection "Infection";"Object";"Result";"Detection time";"Object ( Full Answer )
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How do you backmask with Audacity?

Select the portion of the audio that you want to backmask, then open the "Edit" menu and click "Reverse."
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What is audacity and how do you use it?

Audacity is a free open source program that you can make and edit sound effects.. Here's how you use it:. 1.record a sound on your microphone. 2. Edit the sound.. 3. Expor ( Full Answer )
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Does Audacity mess up your computer?

I've had audacity for a while now and it hasn't had any problems you may have a out dated version or maybe your running it on the wrong OS I'm running on vista. if you are ( Full Answer )
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Is audacity free?

Yes, it is free of charge. Audacity is an open source program and is based out of It has been around and is one of the most popular open source music recor ( Full Answer )
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Audacity in a sentence?

I cannot believe you had the audacity to deny me my right to enter the park. When my boyfriend invited me to dinner and had the audacity to ask me to pay, he quickly bec ( Full Answer )
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A sentence with audacity?

Audacity is a word used to describe disrespectful behavior. A goodsentence would be, she had the audacity to laugh during thefuneral.
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How do you enable the microphone on audacity?

First of all you need to have the microphone hooked up to the computer before you load audacity. Second you need to go into the control panel of the PC and find sound devices, ( Full Answer )
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Is Audacity safe?

Well, I've read other people saying its okay. I just downloaded it, no problems so far. If you want to put videos on Youtube with it, you have to download an exporter system t ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete on audacity?

I had the same problem. Make sure to press the stop button (the yellow square button) so it looks like none of the buttons are pressed down. Then highlight the area you DON'T ( Full Answer )
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Is audacity a converter?

Yes, This is a softwere comverter .You can download free charge load.This converter can transfer many vide.
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How do you import music into audacity?

Click "File," then "Import," then "Audio." Double-click the music file that you want to import. You can also drag and drop music from Windows Explorer into Audacity.
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What can audacity do?

Audacity is a free audio editor that was developed by The Audacity Team. It can import/export many file extensions (WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis) and with extensions of the p ( Full Answer )
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How can you use audacity?

Audacity's manual help file is installed with the program. This has an explanation of all the functions of Audacity.
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Can audacity detect subliminal message?

i believe it can by reversing the audio sound clip My answer differ from above. If the subliminal is recorded on a different frequency audacity can not distinct between tw ( Full Answer )
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How do you record on audacity?

Press the big round record button. Seriously, all the features and functions that Audacity are far beyond the scope and space allowed at The program has a complet ( Full Answer )
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How do you align a track with another on audacity?

There are different cursor tools on Audacity. The default one is the highlight tool(kinda looks like a capital "I"). Look for an icon(picture, whatever) of a double arrow poin ( Full Answer )
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When was audacity created?

Audacity was first created in 1999 by Dominic Mazzoni who now works for google. The latest release of Audacity was in April 2010.
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How do you stretch music on Audacity?

Click the "Effect" menu and select "Change Speed." Drag the slider down to a negative value, click "Preview" to listen to the stretched audio, then click "OK" to stretch it.
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How do you use audacity auto save?

Audacity doesn't have an Auto Save function. Audio recorded into the program is placed in the Temporary Directory (defined by the setting in the Preferences section) until the ( Full Answer )
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How do you put something from audacity on to a CD?

I took this from " After making a recording or editing a file in Audacity, follow these steps to save your work on an audio CD: . Use the "Export as WAV" or ( Full Answer )
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How do you convert audacity files?

Audacity can save its recordings as WAV files. Just choose Export or Save As and choose WAV. Since the open source Audacity project was created by a different team than the LA ( Full Answer )
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Are there programmes like audacity with no download?

I assume you are asking this because you do not have administrative privileges on your computer to install software. There are no audio recording 'websites' that offer the f ( Full Answer )
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How to record with audacity?

In order to record with Audacity, you have to either have a microphone plugged in to your computer or have a built-in mic. Once you have one of these, open up Audacity and pre ( Full Answer )
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What app that is similar to audacity?

Go to the app store and search record then email a iPhone version will pop up it's not the best app but it's ok
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Can you edit mp3 files with audacity?

MP3 files opened with Audacity will be converted to a non-compressed Wave files format for editing. To save the file back as an MP3, you will need to install a 3rd party MP3 c ( Full Answer )
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Is audacity good for making UTAU's?

It can record and edit the phoneme WAV files, but you're going to have to do the rest yourself.
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Can Audacity make voices echo?

Yes. Select the sound you want to apply the effect to, go to Effects, and click Echo.
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What kind of software program is audacity?

Audacity is a kind of audio recording software program. It is freeware meaning anyone can download it for their own use for free. Audacity is very simple to use and is compati ( Full Answer )
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What does the program Audacity do?

Audacity is an open-souce audio recorder and editor. It is a completely free software that can record tracks, play tracks, edit tracks, and allows one to apply effects to the ( Full Answer )
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Where can one download audacity for free?

Audacity is the name of a type of sound editing and recording software. It can be downloaded for free from websites such as Source Forge, Cnet and Softonic.
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What does audacity?

Audacity is program that you can get on the computer. This programallows you to make and listen to music.Audacity is a program. The program is for listing and making music.