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How do you remove write protection from audio files?

Right click on file click properties then uncheck read only. Thisis opposed to copyright protection which is beyond the scope ofthis site to explain and requires software. Wik (MORE)
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How do you open .pac audio files?

PAC files contain blocks of data that store audio data and songinformation. Double clicking on the file will open it or let yourcomputer search for the correct software to ope (MORE)
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How do you transfer audio files to iPod?

You have to find a program to convert the files first. iPod just supports mp4 format. . Once you've plugged in your iPod into you computer, and loaded iTunes you can add a fi (MORE)
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How do get rid of audio from video files?

1. Open the video in Windows Movie Maker (my version is for Vista, I don't know if this works in previous versions). 2. Drag the video into the timeline. 3. You will see (MORE)
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How do you attach audio files to email?

If you are using a Mac then the answer to such questions is usually "Drag and Drop". In Mail drag your audio file and drop it into the email's message window. Alternatively (MORE)
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What are digital audio files made of?

Audio files are sound files. Sound is composed of pressure waves that travel to your ears which you can hear. Usually these are measured by their frequency. The human ear can (MORE)
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How do you delete files off a audio CD?

unfortanitly for you, you can not delete songs off a audio cd. You can't. If you're using a CD-R you can add files, but I don't know of a way to take them off.
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What kinds of files are audio files?

.WAV is Window's native lossless audio format .AIFF is Apple's native lossless audio format .MP3 is a common compressed audio format .OGG is slightly less common There are man (MORE)
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Are audio files on literotica safe?

is the best place to find some seriously hot erotica. Apparently KAT was one of the more popular erotica writers who submitted erotic stories to Literotica before she started (MORE)
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Various audio and video file formats?

Audio and video file formats compatible with Windows Movie Maker include: . Video : .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, .wmv . Audio (MORE)
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How to convert audio files to mp4?

Download a free audio converter (Google that). Once you have one downloaded, follow the instructions ensuring the output source is a mp4.
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What is a default player for audio files?

A default player for audio is the application that will automatically be used to play audio files when you click on the file's icon or a link to an audio file in a browser.
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How can I convert my audio files to iPod Audio Formats?

Download and install an iPod cconverter. Google: free ipod converter. Jodix offers a free converter for iPod. It's the one I use. Very user friendly and it works.
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How can the file size of an audio clip be calculated?

If you know the bits per second of the audio clip, then simply multiply that by the length of the audio clip. If you do not know the bits per second, and the file is uncomp (MORE)
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Which of these two audio files has better quality?

I have two Audio Files of the same content. File 1 has a bigger file size, is a little louder than File 2 andseems to have an AAC codec. It has 418kBit/s and 48000 Hz with 2ch (MORE)