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Where do auks live?

Auks live in the northern hemisphere (north of 25°N). They are relatives of penguins but can fly.

What caused the great auks to become extinct?

Well, some rich man came along and he thought, " Wouldn't it be cool to kill the last two Auk penguins and stuff them?! " So he paid someone to shoot them and stuff them. Sadl (MORE)

What kill Great Auks?

The Great Auks were killed in great numbers for food and fishing bait by seafarers, later also for their feathers. When the population decline was noticed, demand for specim (MORE)
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What does an auks look like?

Auks looks like little swans, but except they have a very long nose. Their belly is white and their other body color is black. They have little wings . .
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What is the feeding behavior of auks?

The feeding behaviour of auks varies between auk species, however in general they feed on small to medium sized fish. Unfortunately, the Great Auk is now extinct.