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What is an auk bird?

It is an extinct flightless bird that was hunted for it's feathers. It lived mostly around Europe. It was found as far south as Florida.
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A type of auk of penguins?

Similar to penguins, auks are birds that mainly live in the water,only coming onto land to breed and nest. There are several types ofauks including, Puffins, Mures and the now ( Full Answer )
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What is a Great Auk?

It was a large flightless bird, now extinct. See link for image and the sad story of their extinction at the hands of mankind.
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Where do auks live?

Auks live in the northern hemisphere (north of 25°N). They are relatives of penguins but can fly.
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What is the great auk?

The Great Auk is now extinct. It was a flightless bird of the North Atlantic which spent most of its time at sea, only coming in to rocky, remote islands to breed. It was hunt ( Full Answer )
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What caused the great auks to become extinct?

Well, some rich man came along and he thought, " Wouldn't it be cool to kill the last two Auk penguins and stuff them?! " So he paid someone to shoot them and stuff them. Sadl ( Full Answer )
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What kill Great Auks?

The Great Auks were killed in great numbers for food and fishing bait by seafarers, later also for their feathers. When the population decline was noticed, demand for specim ( Full Answer )
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When did the Great Auk become extinct?

They became extinct in the mid-1800s as a result of human exploitation. Men not only massacred the birds for food, they also gathered the eggs of the auk to supplement their d ( Full Answer )
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What was the habitat of the great auk?

The Great Auk was a flightless bird, the habitat of which wastemperate and sub-arctic waters of the North Atlantic. It is nowextinct. Its range extended from Canada to Norway, ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence with the word auk?

An auk is a diving bird. Here are some sentences. . An auk looks a bit like a penguin. . The auk is a diving bird. . We saw an auk swimming past.
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What is the extinction of the great auk?

......The extinction of the great auks was for food source, fishing bait, clothing, pillows, decrease in oil, decoration, and most of the all the egg.......People in those day ( Full Answer )
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Why is the great auk already extinct?

The Great Auk became extinct mainly due to loss of habitats, usually die to human activities. (see the related link below)
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What do the auk the dodo and the moa have in common?

The only thing in common with these three birds is that... . ...all are birds. . The Moa and the Dodo were both flightless birds, and booth areextinct. . The Auk is neither ( Full Answer )
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What eats little auk?

Arctic fox, several arctic gulls and albatross will eat adult little Auks. Their eggs are more often eaten then adults though. Even polar bear will eat Auk eggs or adults if i ( Full Answer )
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What is the importance of the name AUK?

This was the common name of a 'white faced bird' in Welsh. This bird, the Great Auk, became extinct probably due to over-harvesting, in the mid 19th century. It was considered ( Full Answer )
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Why did the great auk become extinc?

It was hunted for meat by early explorers. It was a flight-less species that couldn't run very fast, and was easy to catch.
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What does an auks look like?

Auks looks like little swans, but except they have a very long nose. Their belly is white and their other body color is black. They have little wings . .
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What is the feeding behavior of auks?

The feeding behaviour of auks varies between auk species, however in general they feed on small to medium sized fish. Unfortunately, the Great Auk is now extinct.
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What has the author Auke Slotegraaf written?

Auke Slotegraaf has written: 'Sky guide, Africa South' -- subject(s): Observers' manuals, Astronomy, Charts, diagrams
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What has the author H F Aukes written?

H. F. Aukes has written: 'Het Legioen van Mangkoe Nagoro' -- subject(s): Dutch East Indies, Dutch East Indies. Leger. Legioen van Mangkoe Nagoro, Military History
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Why did the great auk go extinct?

It was a flight-less species... humans simply ran after the birdsand killed them for food !
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What animals eat little auks?

Just kidding the animal is basically anything that lives out sideand is hungry I herd that they where becoming instinct