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Are aunts your relatives?

Yes, they are related directly to you. They are your mothers sister. And your father's sisters.
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My monkey aunt?

my aunt carol looks just like a monkey but what can i do?. plz help me!!!!!!. i need to share a room with her when she comes to stay. Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Is there an aunt day?

there is a holiday called aunt's day but i forget what day it is but for now i will keep looking but for now i am nice bye
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Celtic for aunt?

There's actually no such language as "Celtic". Celtic refers to a group of dozens of languages, six of which are spoken today: . Breton . Cornish . Irish Gaelic . Manx ( Full Answer )
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Who is Aunt Daisy?

Aunt Daisy was a radio announcer in New Zealand she was born 30 august 1879 and died 14 July 1963
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Who is my niece's aunt?

You are your niece's aunt, if you are a woman. Any of your sisters who are not your niece's mother are also her aunts. The sisters of your niece's parent who is not your sib ( Full Answer )
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Can you get your genes from your aunt?

No, but many aunts and uncles have the same parents as your mother or father. They may share genes with your grandparents and you would also have genes from your grandparents. ( Full Answer )
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How do you be an aunt?

I'm guessing that you mean "aunt", the sister of your father or mother or the wife of your father's or mother's brother and not "ant" the insect. You become an aunt when th ( Full Answer )
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What is the Irish for 'aunt'?

Aintín (pronounced anteen) is used for 'aunt'. "Aunt" in Gaelic Irish is "Aint". It can also be "Aintín"
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Grand aunt or great aunt?

Great aunt; that is your grandmother's sister. Some people might call it grand aunt, although they might think you are calling them fat. :]
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How do you kiss your aunt?

Well when she is deep in sleep... just carefully lay next to her. . Your face should be close to her. When you feel you are ready... kiss her as much as you want but don't ge ( Full Answer )
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Who is Aunt Rhody?

She's the one you tell about the death of the old grey goose, but no one knows why.
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When will you screw your aunt?

Having sex with your aunt is considered incest. In almost allcountries of the world, incest is considered immoral. You shouldnot engage in any sexual act with your aunt at any ( Full Answer )
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What are you to your uncle and aunt?

If you are a girl, you are a niece to you aunt and uncle. If you are a boy, you are their nephew.
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If your cousin's aunt is not your aunt who is she?

If your cousin's aunt is not your aunt then . she is your mother, or . she is the sister of the spouse of your aunt or uncle who is the parent of your cousin.
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What is a second aunt?

The English language does not have a relationship term "second aunt." That phrase has no meaning other than, perhaps, referring to the second in a list of two or more aunts.
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Who is aunt Alexandria?

Aunt Alexandria is the aunt of Scout and Jem and the Sister of Atticus(scout and jems father).
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What is aunt in Italian?

'Zia' is an Italian equivalent of 'aunt'. It's a feminine noun whose definite article is 'la' ['the'] and whose indefinite article is 'una' ['a, one']. It's pronounced 'TSEE- ( Full Answer )
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Who is Aunt Em?

Aunt Em is the wife of Uncle Henry. Both she and her husband are the foster parents of Dorothy Gale. Dorothy is presented as an orphan in the Oz book series by Lyman Frank ( Full Answer )
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What is the homophone for aunt?

In the American dialect, ant is the homophone for aunt. Everywhereelse, there isn't any homophone for aunt.. The homonym only existsin Americanized accents.
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How to be a fabulous Aunt?

Just actually be there for them! talk to them about stuff and assure them you won't tell their parents.. and don't tell them! be someone they can go to about anything. don't b ( Full Answer )
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Is aunt a noun?

Yes, the word 'aunt' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for the relationship of a sister of your mother or father. The noun 'aunt' used to refer to a real pe ( Full Answer )
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What is an aunt after divorce?

you could still call her your aunt if you want but it really depends how she is related to if she is one of your parents sister, then she is still your aunt, but if ( Full Answer )
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Who is aunt arabella?

Aunt Arabella is a character from By The Great Hornspoon who was really rich and in the book jack and Praiseworthy go to California to look for gold so she doesn't lose her mo ( Full Answer )
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Is an aunt a guardian?

An aunt is the sister of either your father or your mother. She could be named as a Guardian, as could anyone else.
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What is great aunt?

Your great aunt is the sister of a grandparent, or the wife of a brother of a grandparent.
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Is it pronounced aunt or aunt?

Sounds like Ant. Aunt may be pronounced like "ant" or like "ont" or something in between.
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What is aunt in Aries?

A French word for aunt is "tante." It is also used in Indonesian (likely from colonial times). Theusual translation is "bibi." * The word "tante" in Italian is a synonym for " ( Full Answer )
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Why is an aunt called an aunt?

from Anglo-Fr. aunte, from O.Fr. ante (Mod.Fr. tante, from a 13c. variant), from L. amita "paternal aunt" dim. of *amma a baby-talk or non-I.E. word for "mother" (cf. Gk. amma ( Full Answer )
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Who was thanatos aunt?

Thanatos's mother was Nyx, her mother was Chaos; who either had noother daughter or whose other daughter was Hemera (when Hemera wasnot the daughter of Nyx).
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What are you to your aunt?

You are the nephew if you are male and a niece if you are female.
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What do you do if your aunt hates you?

I too have an aunt that hates me. She thinks im a liar and im disrespectful. I am sometimes disrespectful sometimes, but i am not a liar, she just believes her child to much. ( Full Answer )
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What to talk about with your aunt?

You may talk about school affairs, your ambitions, ask her about gardening, cooking, knitting, looking at old photos, her problems, how to help, what she likes (or liked) read ( Full Answer )
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What is aunts in French?

The word is Tante for singular and Tantes for plural Don't mix this word with Tente whit en e who has the same pronunciation in french but means camping tent instead of aun ( Full Answer )
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How do you say aunt?

There are 2 ways to say it. Aunt like ant. Aunt like unt like in the end of the word blunt.