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When to use Aunty or Auntie in grammar?

If you are addressing a middle age female, and you do not know her name, in South East Asia, Singapore, or Malaysia, the spelling is Auntie. In some North American Native cul ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between an Aunt and Auntie?

Answer . There is no different, but just a term that some countries use to call their Aunt Sue, Auntie Sue. An Aunt is the sister of either your mother or father. In Englan ( Full Answer )
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What is auntie in Japanese?

There technically is no real word for it, but obachan is a familiar way of refering to a woman older than you and is commonly used as "auntie", whereas obasan is often used fo ( Full Answer )
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What if your cousin could be the son of your aunty?

Your first cousin must be the son, or daughter, of your aunt. That is how the relationship is defined. A cousin is the child of your aunt and uncle. An aunt or uncle is ( Full Answer )
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What is the answer to this brain teaser how could all of your cousins have an aunty that is not your aunty?

Obviously the "other" aunty is the one who is married to the common uncle. In other words, on the OTHER side of the family. The aunty or uncle that you have in common with you ( Full Answer )
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How do you impress Aunty?

Each and every teenager think about if she is staying near to yourhouse go and help her sometimes
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How do you impress a aunty?

Well, you could start by using the right word. The indefinite article for aunty is "an" not "a."
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How do say auntie in french?

an aunt is called une tante in French. Tatie would be the equivalent of auntie.
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How do you spell auntys?

aunties, if you mean plural. but if you mean your aunty possesses something, it would be your aunty's
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What is a auntie kiss?

When some mostly your aunt kiss you and wearing lipstick and kisses you on your cheek or on forehead and leaves the mark there
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How do you write auntie in Arabic?

auntie : the sister of your father : amati and written : عمتي the sister of your mother : khalati and written : خالتي
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Did Auntie Mame have songs sung in it?

Yes and no. the 1958 film comedy, "Auntie Mame" based on the bookof the same name, wasn't a musical, and therefore no songs. The1966 Broadway musical, "Mame" (based on the sam ( Full Answer )
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How do you make sex with aunty?

as u do with girl friend MCPs can get pleasure from any vagina after ejaculation
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How do you spell aunty?

The spelling is either aunty or auntie, and would normally be capitalized (Aunty, Auntie) if used as direct address or for a specific person.
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Who is the youngest auntie?

It's quite possible and probably quite coomon for a new born child to automatically be an auntie. This happens if the babys mother already has an older child, who in turn has ( Full Answer )
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Is Cheryl cole an auntie?

yea she has a few nieces and nephews i think she has a niece called saffron
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How to impress aunty?

How to impress your auntie depends upon your age. If you're youngand still at school then apply yourself well to your studies. Ifyou are an adult and at work then apply yourse ( Full Answer )
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How do you say love you auntie in spanish?

To say, "I love you, auntie" in Spanish, you say, "Te amo, tía." Here's a comparison: English__________Spanish I love___________yo amo you love_________usted ama he, she, ( Full Answer )
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Is auntie capitalized?

It is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence or when it forms part of the proper noun or when it precedes a person's name or when it is used as a direct address. Exampl ( Full Answer )
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How do you say aunty in Gujarati?

in gujarati aunty means Masi (for mothers sister), Kaki (for uncle's wife), foii (fathers sister), Mami (mothers brother's wife)
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How do you call Aunty in Japanese?

Oba-san = aunty (formal) it's mostly used for more elderly aunts or distant (less familiar) aunts. Oba= aunt (normal) Changing it to 'chan' makes it more casual.
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Is auntie capitalize at the beginning of a letter?

Auntie is capitalized when it precedes a person's name. Example: Dear Auntie Carol, Her Auntie Luisa is attending the meeting tonight.
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What is Harry Potters auntie called?

There are Aunt Petunia and Aunt Marge in the movie.. Well Fiona Shaw plays as Aunt Petunia and Aunt Petunia is Harry Potter's Auntie -Sister of His mother Lily. Fiona Sh ( Full Answer )
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How do you say aunty in Samoan?

No specific or one word for "Aunty", so translating the idea/meaning: "Tuafafine o lo'u tama" (sister of my dad); "Uso o lo'u tina" (sister of my mum).
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Does aunty have to be in capital letter in a sentence?

If aunty is used as a part of the proper noun as in Aunty Sally or as a direct address as in -Give me my dress, Aunty; then, it should be in capital letter.
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What would my father's auntie be to me?

Your father's auntie is your great aunt. Just like your father's grandmother is your great grandmother.
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What is a masculine gender of a auntie?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female: An informal noun for a female relative is 'auntie'; the noun for ( Full Answer )
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What are aunties to children?

Auntie is a loving term used by some instead of aunt. Aunties are aunts to their nieces and nephews. An aunt is the sister of a child's mother or father.
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Where does the term aunty come from?

Aunty, also spelled auntie, originated some time in the late 1700s. The title applied as a kind way to address aunts, as well as older women that were unrelated.
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What is Desi Aunty famous for?

"Desi Aunty" is not a specific person. "Desi" refers to people from India and the surrounding area. A "Desi aunty" is essentially an Indian woman, especially in a romantic c ( Full Answer )
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What is an Indian aunty also referred to as?

One may call a person aunty in Indian English not only when a talking to/referring to someone's aunt but also when talking/referring to a distant female relative.
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Do you and your aunties share how much blood?

The first thing to understand is that "blood" is metaphorical. Youdon't "share" any actual blood. Statistically, siblings are related genetically by 50% ... eachchild gets 50 ( Full Answer )