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What is aur batao?

aur batao means tell more in urdu/hindi.. eg:. "hey wads up?" "nth much.. im just chilling". "acha[ic/ok] aur batao?"
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Vidyarthi aur anushasan?

it is all bakwas nver write on this topic b'coz we student never be on discipline its really a bakwaas (nonsense) we want to surf the web and not study actually study a alit ( Full Answer )
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Is Koeri aur kushwaha schedule castes?

No, not at all. Koeri / Kushwaha is Kshatriya community of Indiansociety. Koeri is an apbhramsha for Kri (From sanskrit Krishi) foragriculturist scientific skills of the commu ( Full Answer )
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What is a mnemonic device for the stem aur?

It depends on if you're using "aur" to mean "ear" or to mean "gold." Here are a couple of helpful tips for you.. AUR = EAR . distinguish ear from eye by remembering that the ( Full Answer )
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What word starts with the prefix aur?

Auralities Auriculars Auriculate Auriferous Aureately Aureoling Auriculae Auricular Auriculas Aurochses Aurorally Aurality Aureolae Aureolas Aureol ( Full Answer )
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Who is taller Katrina aur deepika?

Deepika is slightly taller than Katrina at five feet nine inches in height. Katrina is estimated to be five feet eight inches in height. Both women are considered to be quite ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Aureli Capmany written?

Aureli Capmany has written: 'Calendari de llegendes, costums i festes tradicionals catalanes' -- subject- s -: Social life and customs, Festivals 'El ball i la dansa popul ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Aure Sheldon written?

Aure Sheldon has written: 'Fit for a king' -- subject- s -: Fiction, Footwear, Kings, queens, rulers
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What has the author Aurelio Aureli written?

Aurelio Aureli has written: 'Admeto, Re di Tessaglia' 'Il favore de gli dei' -- subject(s): Marriage, Marriage of royalty and nobility 'Bacino termale di Sciacca (Sicili ( Full Answer )