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What is an AUTO-MATA?

Properly automaton, automata is plural, like the word data. It"s a more or less obsolete word for any automatic device, usually restricted to something of humanoid appearance, (MORE)
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What is auto-clutch?

Auto clutch means a torque converter has two pedal drive and brakesystem so you have a brake pedal and accelerator that auto changesgears automatically. It makes it easier to (MORE)
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What does 'auto' mean?

auto means self . for e.g autograph , it means doing the signature by your self . for autograph graph means drawing . so auto means self
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What is Auto-phobia?

Answer . Autophobia (or Monophobia) is the phobia of being alone.
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What Is Auto- Gen?

Auto Gen is a tool that is used to accommodate in the maintenanceof programs that contain large amounts of repetitious text.
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What autos were in 1958?

They were all metal, big, heavy, and had a really soft ride. (Except for the Volkswagens and my English Ford.)
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What is auto-duplexing?

automatically printing both sides of the paper so you don't have to"work and turn" your papers back through the printer to do theother side....
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What is auto-rhythmicity?

a pacemaker that initiated each contraction of a heart beat. "Autorhythmic cells:. cardiac or smooth muscle fibers that are self-excitable; act as the heart's pacemaker and (MORE)
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What is an auto-signature?

Normally a short text that includes details like name, address etc.
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How do you transfer auto-cad to word?

Word will only allow you to insert pictures. There are a variety of picture file types but the most popular are JPG or JPEG. AutoCAD is not a picture file so you cannot insert (MORE)
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What is auto-traffic?

Traffic exchanges are an easy and affordable way to put eyeballs on your websites. You already know you can get great results from manual traffic exchanges like Soaring4Traffi (MORE)
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Is Amy Lee auto-tuned?

Nope. She sings without any vocal enhancements or tuning.
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What does auto-renewal on meez mean?

It means every month ur vip will renew taking money out your credit card. So be careful make sure u got money in there lol or you wll proably get banned. To cancel the automat (MORE)
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Why won't they finance autos?

There are several reasons on why a finance company will not finance someone. the main reason is a repossession after a bankruptcy. Another main reason is the "lender" sees tha (MORE)
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Does glee use auto-tunners?

I don't think so. Even if they do, they still sound amazing If you look up on youtube you can see Amber (girl who plays Mercedes) sing the national anthem & she sounds really (MORE)
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What is roaming auto-retrieve?

what does roaming auto- retrieve mean? can you retrieve the sms pictures send to you by ticking this
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What is a semi-auto airsoft pistol?

A semi-automatic airsoft pistol is a pistol which automatically re-chambers a bb, and can be fired again simply by pulling the trigger. They are usually in the form of electri (MORE)
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What is Auto-Engineering?

Auto-Engineering deals with automotive parts. Usually employed by car manufacturer, auto engineers deals with vehicle manufacturing. If you are interested in getting education (MORE)