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What is automatic stay?

The automatic stay is a provision under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code prohibiting creditors from beginning or continuing proceedings for collecting owed amounts from a company or i ( Full Answer )
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What is automaticity?

Automaticity is the ability to do things without occupying the mind with the low-level details required, allowing it to become an automatic response pattern or habit . It ( Full Answer )
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Are there automatic Ferrari?

There are a couple of examples of the automatic Ferrari. There's two if I'm not mistaken Ferrari 400i(built back in the 70's-80's which has a 3 speed auto box) and the last wa ( Full Answer )
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What is an automatic pistol?

Properly, a semi-auto or self loading pistol. It is a handgun,that when fired, extracts and ejects the fired cartridge, loads afresh cartridge and recocks itself for firing, n ( Full Answer )
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Why automatic transmission?

An automatic transmission has some advantages over a manualtransmission. An automatic is easier to drive in traffic and onhills, as you do not have to keep operating the clutc ( Full Answer )
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How do you burnout in an automatic?

ok just throw it in drive and hold the brake all the way to the floor then rev the motor till bout 3000 rpm depends on engine and were red line is but then ease of the brake s ( Full Answer )
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What is automatic transmission?

An automatic transmission is a type of car transmission that shifts gears on its own. Therefore, cars with automatic transmissions will not have a clutch pedal and will have a ( Full Answer )
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Automatic reaction is?

An automatic reaction is a synonym for absence of thought, gutreaction, or a knee-jerk reaction. It can also be thought of as aninvoluntary impulse or a Pavlovian response.
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What is the automatic lubricator?

a automatic lubricator is a device fitted to a steam engine to supply lubricating oil to the cylinders and, sometimes, the bearings as well. It's just a a aut ( Full Answer )
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How do you do a burnout in a automatic?

Back in the day, a technique called "power braking" was employed. This involved high engine rpm and torque while applying the brakes just enough to keep the vehicle from movin ( Full Answer )
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What does automatic mean?

Automatic means something that is done without the need to do hardly anything to accomplish it, e.g an automatic car, when put in Drive, changes up and down gears without your ( Full Answer )
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What is a semi automatic?

a semi automatic is a gun that can fire one bullet, unlock and move the bolt/breech back, cock the hammer, take the next round from the magazine (or stripper clip as in the ca ( Full Answer )
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Is the m16 automatic?

The first M-16's (the M-16A1's) that were used in Vietnam had a fully automatic setting on the selector switch. All other versions of the M-16: the A2, A3, and A4, are only ca ( Full Answer )
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Automaticity of the heart?

It is the ability of the heart to send an electrical impulse on its own.
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Do you breath out automatically?

Yes, the repiratory system is controlled by unconscious action to inhale & exhale. Try it, you will find it's impossible to hold your breath for longer than about 3 mins. That ( Full Answer )
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What does the automatic mean?

Automatic means that the mechanism does the task without manual help from the person or thing using it.
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What is a automatic transmission?

A transmission that shifts through gears after moving lever to "d" without driver doing anything no clutch pedal
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How do you automatically indent?

The indent should be 1/2 inch; set the tab key on your computer. I have Word 2007; I go to paragraph, indents and spacing, and set the indentation to 1/2 inch.
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Is heart automatic?

yes, because heart is one of the main function of our body if our heart is not automatically function we can automatically died.
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Can you get automatic lorry's?

Yes, automatic transmissions are available for them. In the US, the Eaton SmartShift, Eaton AutoShift (which still uses a clutch), and Meritor transmissions are the most commo ( Full Answer )
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Can you get automatic motorcycle?

Honda made a 450cc motorcycle in the early 1980's with an automatic transmission. I have one in excellent shape that I would like to sell. Are you interested? Contact me at cc ( Full Answer )
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What are automatic guns?

Automatic is firing one shot after another, like a machine gun. They range from Pistols to Miniguns and fire .22 calibre rounds up to 50 cal., some even larger.
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What is automatic recalculation?

If data in one area of the spreadsheet is changed the adjustmentsare made automatically to the other area.
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Is an M16A3 automatic?

Yes, it's a fully automatic version of a M16A2, which has only semi and 3 shot burst modes after some people realised that full auto wasted ammo, but can be much more helpful ( Full Answer )
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What is an automatic tranny?

A transmission that does not use a clutch and pressure plate to disconnect from the engine.
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What is an automatic pony?

basicly the same as a 'push button pony, it means theyve been there done that and are very well trained and know what they are doing before you ask!
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What is an automatic riffle?

Do you mean "what is an automatic Rifle". Any rifle that keeps firing as long as you hold the trigger down is an automatic rifle. It will only stop when you let go of the trig ( Full Answer )
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Where is automat?

The word Automata derived from a Greek word Automaton, Automatas means any machine can work on his own will.
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Is learning automatic?

Babies are born with the potential to learn on their own based on their surroundings. The learning is shaped by the actions around you, and you are learning new things every m ( Full Answer )
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How do you get an automatic gun?

Depends on how you define automatic, and where you are located. Please rephrase your question, and repost.
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Can you get automatic guns?

Depends on what you mean by automatic guns, and the law where you live. You did not tell us where that is, so there is no way we can answer. Where I live you CAN legally own f ( Full Answer )
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Is an m4 automatic?

The M4 can select semi-automatic fire or three-round bursts. The M4A1 can be switched from semi-auto to fully automatic.
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What is an automatic handgun?

It depends on what you mean. 1. If you mean semi-automatic (sometimes referred to as automatic), it means a handgun that auto-loads the next cartridge in order to fire it, bu ( Full Answer )
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What is automatism and what is cause automatism?

Automatism is defined as involuntary action by physical body without consious awareness. Sleepwalking is an example of automatism. Internal forces like the effects of certain ( Full Answer )