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What is class aves?

A class is a type of classification used in taxonomy. The classaves includes birds, such as seagulls and hawks.
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What is a AV-keystone?

\nit is when, as if you are looking up at a tall building, a projected image hits a surface at an angle and creates a trapezoid shape i.e. the width recedes as it gets higher (MORE)
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What are the classes of Aves?

To the best of my knowledge, Aves is a class. (Though taxonomy is fickle at best, taxa being constantly restructured and reevaluated.) You might mean the subclasses Paleogna (MORE)
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What animals are aves?

Members of the class Aves are known as birds . This class includes over 10,000 species, all of which are winged, endothermic, egg-laying vertebrates. Examples of Aves; spa (MORE)
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What is phylum aves?

Phylum Aves is the phylum of birds. Winged animalia with feathers, scaly legs, and a beak.
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Is avs free?

Yes it is free but it leaves a watermark in the videos made by it, and you will need to pay to buy it if you want to remove the watermark.
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What is characteristic of aves?

Characteristics of Aves are : 1) Aves are oviparous, i.e., lay eggs 2) Aves do not have mammary glands. 3) Body of Aves are covered with feathers. 4) Aves do not have any teet (MORE)
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Do aves have skin?

If you are talking about birds, then the answer is yes.
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What is rouge AV?

Rouge antivirus is a software that downloads onto your computer. When its on your computer, it puts on your screen LOTS of annoying pop ups saying "you have a virus". Its liei (MORE)
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Characteristics of a aves?

Aves Aves is part of the hierarchical system of classification, specifically the subphylum Vertebrata of the Phylum Chordata (animals that have back bones). Aves is the name (MORE)
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What is the AV club?

audio visual club they work with technology and stuff like TVs & cable cords
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What is an AV output?

An AV output is one or several connectors that output both video and audio signals from a device. They are found on terrestrial and satellite receivers, video recorders as wel (MORE)
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What is 6 AV?

6th grade advanced class
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What is AV nobes?

I think you mean 'AV Node'. If so, then it is part of the hearts pace maker called the Atrio-ventricular node. It emits an electric pulse across the ventricles to make them co (MORE)
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What are the aves?

1) Aves are oviparous, i.e., lay eggs 2) Aves do not have mammary glands. 3) Body of Aves are covered with feathers. 4) Aves do not have any teeth 5) Aves do not have cutaneou (MORE)
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What is AV in electronics?

AV stands for Audio Visual, i.e. engineering systems in sound or video production, encompassing TVs, monitors, receivers, amplifiers, soundbars and so on. All of those compone (MORE)
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What is the AV-DA?

The AV-D:A is know as the Anti-Viral District of America.Supposidly a top secret organization that studies on viral diseasesand BioHazards. No one knows much about the AV-D:A. (MORE)