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Could the Pacific War have been averted?

Only if there was a willingness on the U.S. side to knuckle under and allow Japan to have a free hand in raping and annexing China. Then as now not a bloody likely proposition (MORE)
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What tragedy is averted to revive an infant?

Obviously the death of a child. the usage in grammar is somewhat odd, of course this averts a tragedy, but more like ( First aid) or rapid response, I would have to know more (MORE)
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Could Indian wars have been averted?

Given that European settlers moved so they could claim land of their own, and the need to strike it rich once precious metals were found, I cannot imagine the Indian wars bein (MORE)
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How do you use averted in a sentence?

(averted can mean avoided or turned away) "He averted a collision with the bus by veering onto the sidewalk." "Hopefully the government has averted another economic calamity (MORE)
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How was World War 3 averted?

World War 3 hasn't necessarily been averted. Especially in these days of almost instantaneous communication and rapid transport, there is always a potential for global conflic (MORE)
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What is mean by risk averter?

Someone who prefers a more certain return to an alternative with an equal return but which is more risky.
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A sentence using the word averted?

John averted his eyes when his sister walked into the bathroom wearing just a towel.
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How was a Cuban nuclear war averted?

Kennedy ordered a blockade (oops, sorry, can't call it a blockade as that is an act of war... have to call it a quarantine instead) of cuba. Finally Khrushchev agreed to withd (MORE)
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How and why could World War 2 be averted?

If Chamberlain hadn't given into Hitler's threats, then the World could have at least kept Hitler at Bay and perhaps his ideas could have died with him.
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Is averted a noun?

No the word averted is not a noun. It is an adjective and a pasttense verb.
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What is the definition of the word averted?

The word averted means to turn away such as not looking at a person's eye. It also means to ward off or to prevent something from happening. Some synonyms of the word averted (MORE)
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Were there any points at which civil war might have been averted?

Yes there were several points prior to the Civil War, where reason could have defeated anger and fear. Lincoln was a man of his word. Southern politicians did not accept the (MORE)