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Is it true that the ink used during the production of comic books contain lead If so should this be a concern for an avid comic book reader such as myself?

\n. \n Most printing companies in the U S stopped using lead based paint in the early 1980's. However, caution is still advised, since not all printers follow the correct pro (MORE)
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If i had 1 spotty period 1 norm period possible date of conception 9-12home preg tests neg breasts are sore and your stomach is larger then ever avid excerciser and norm diet could you be pregnant?

Most likely you are not pregnant. Some determinants to consider would be: your age - if you are around 22 or younger your breast tissue could still be developing causing soren (MORE)
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Pacemaker impant left or right side of chest Are there any advantages to either side I am 59 and amright handed and an avid golfer would there be an advantage to having it on my rt side?

I also am a very avid golfer and had my pacemaker put in on my right side of my chest and I am right handed.......I am praying this emergency room doctor did not screw up..... (MORE)
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Define and distinguish antibody affinity and avidity?

An antibody (IgM for example is a pentamere), can consist out ofmore than one different immonoglobulines. One ofthe variabel regions of these immunoglobulines can bind to an (MORE)
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Oral oru reshan kadayil enna vangan poyi ayalkku vendathu 5 ltr avide ulla karanam 10 ltr avide alakkanulla pathram 3 litterinte ayal konduvanna pathram 7 ltr engene ayalkku 5 ltr alannukodukkum?

ആദ്യം 3 ലിറ്റര്‍ പാത്രത്തില്‍ നിറà (MORE)
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What is High Titer Low Avidity?

HTLA ANTIBODIES = High Titer Low Avidity A summary of these antibodies are as follows . Not clinically significant, but serological reactions make them look like they are . (MORE)
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How do you use avidity in a sentence?

Avidity is an ardent or keen desire. Here are some sentences. . Her avidity for chocolate reaches ridiculous heights. . The boss likes his avidity for the project. . Your (MORE)