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Which president was an avid stamp collector?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president who was an avid stampcollector. His passion for stamps inspired a nation. He collectedstamps long before h held office.
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What is avid?

A program to improve your grade at school and pick your colleges. It is also know to help your grades to get up and help you go to college and get you a scholarship!
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What is the definition of avid?

very eager or enthusiastic. But can also mean a person that isthought of as greedy
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What is the avid program?

The Avid program helps you in classes that you need help on. Its sorta like a tutor class
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What does avid stand for?

If you are talking about the class at my school it stands for A dvancement V ia I ndiviual D etermination.
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Synonym for avid?

(Adj.) . avid - eager; a love for a certain thing; obsessed . synonym - passionate . antonym - unexcited . special usage: . noun - avidity . verb - avidly . by- kry ( Full Answer )
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Is explain a level question for avid?

Avid is simply one of those topics that is crucial and will require knowledgeable care about
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What is avid bridge?

AVID bridge is a program for students that are entering high school and that are going into AVID. This program really helps you for your first year of high school & college. ( Full Answer )
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How does AVID help you?

AVID is designed to teach students the skills they need to achieve academic and personal excellence. Students will learn methods for organizing their time and work. They will ( Full Answer )
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What does FDG avid mean?

"FDG avid" is a term primarily used by radiologists to describe sturctures in PET scans which have taken up and concentrated fluorodeoxyglucose more than surrounding tissues. ( Full Answer )
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Books for a 12yr avid reader?

Calculus made easy by Silvanus P. Thompson, and calculus by and for young people by Don Cohen
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What is avid class for?

A.V.I.D. is a class that not only gets you to college, but (if your willing to do the work) helps get you into a 4-year university. This class is great and keeps you organized ( Full Answer )
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What is the synonym for avid?

i think it is jealous Jealous is incorrect. Synonyms for avid include: fanatical, devoted, ardent, avaricious, insatiable example sentence: For my dad ( Full Answer )
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What is an avid fisherman?

An avid fisherman is a man or woman who enjoys fishing. It is aperson who goes fishing very frequently and is very experiencedwhen it comes to fishing.
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Why is remember the titans and avid movie?

Remember the titans is an avid movie simply because it teaches about how racism can be overcome if everyone can get past what was implanted in our minds in the 1st place. And ( Full Answer )
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What is Avid Liquid?

Avid Liquid software is a powerful SD and HD video editor for the PC that offers integrated DVD authoring, surround sound audio processing, and thousands of amazing real-time ( Full Answer )
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What is avid runner?

Avid means something that somebody likes to do a lot. So an avid runner is somebody who likes to run a lot, and is probably very good at it.
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What does AVID represent?

A stands for advancement V stands for via I stands for individual D stands for determination
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What is avid in electronics road pricing?

The fact that it takes money away from you without the usual delay on toll roads. Kinda like a silent killer.
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Which president was an avid stamp collecter?

Franklin Roosevelt was on of the great stamp collectors. In fact just this year, France came out with a stamp honoring him as a stamp collector.
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How do you get in avid?

The way the people I know got in is by filling out an application and then getting interviewed.
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What is an avid golfer?

The definition of Avid according to reference website is an act of showing great enthusiasm for or an interest in; extremily desirous. Golfer means a person that plays golf. ( Full Answer )
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What is High Titer Low Avidity?

HTLA ANTIBODIES = High Titer Low Avidity A summary of these antibodies are as follows . Not clinically significant, but serological reactions make them look like they are . ( Full Answer )
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How do you use avidity in a sentence?

Avidity is an ardent or keen desire. Here are some sentences. . Her avidity for chocolate reaches ridiculous heights. . The boss likes his avidity for the project. . Your ( Full Answer )
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What are avid tutorials?

A AVID tutorial will be answer by your tutor you look at all your subjects and you see what you don't understand then you take it to your tutor for AVID class and they help yo ( Full Answer )
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Which president was an avid fisherman?

Hoover was probably the best known for his fishing, but Truman, FDR, and Coolidge all liked to fish on occasion. Cleveland and Arthur also loved to fish.
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Was Harry Houdini an avid aviator?

Pioneer aviator In 1909, Houdini became fascinated with aviation. He purchased a French éroplanes_Voisin biplane for $5000 and hired a ( Full Answer )
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Were is avid lake fisher?

Avid Lake Fisher is not a place. The word Avid in the question means someone who showns great enthusiasm in something. The question could have been asked as 'are you an enthus ( Full Answer )
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Why should 8th graders be in AVID?

First of all, AVID is a group for grades 6-12, motivated for everything and for college . So, they should be in AVID to get ready for college.
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How would you use avid in a sentence?

The musicians were avid when they found out they were soon going to learn about Beethoven.
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What do you do in avid?

Avid is an elective, you study on colleges, go on collegefieldtrips and sometimes you have actual college students come inand help you
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What services does Avid Technology offer?

Avid Technology specializes in the production of audio and video production technology. These products are used in the creation of movies, television shows, and video games.