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What is cultural awareness?

Cultural awareness is very important element of communication. Itis the recognition and understanding of the differences betweencultures and the ability to appropriately respo ( Full Answer )
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What is self awareness?

Self Awareness is a characteristic that describes a person, and it is the ability to see yourself and acknowledge your actions and attitude to start. Being aware of how you ac ( Full Answer )
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What is service awareness?

Service awareness means that you know what to expect from aspecific service. It is important to have service awareness so thatsomeone doesn't take advantage of you.
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What is safety awareness?

Safety awareness is being aware of safety issues, and of potential hazards to yourself and others in the workplace.
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What is vigilance awareness?

Vigilance awareness refers to bringing awareness of social issuesand social pressures to a wide number of people.
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What is global awareness?

Global awareness involves a recognition and appreciation of the size, complexity, and diversity of the earth conceived as a single entity. It is literally a worldview-and is a ( Full Answer )
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What is aesthetic awareness?

Aesthetic awareness is the ability to discriminate the interaction of elements embodied in a work of fine art. . . . This sort of mindfulness must incorporate: focus, percepti ( Full Answer )
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What is Infinite Awareness?

Infinite awareness or infinite consciousness as it is also known is essentially who you are beyond your mind and your body. We are all connected to one divine energy that exis ( Full Answer )
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What is financial awareness?

Here are a few Solved Question Papers to prepare for Financial Awareness/ Economic Awareness section of banking recruitment exams like Federal Bank, Central Bank, Bank of Indi ( Full Answer )
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What is positional awareness?

Positional awareness is the understanding of positions of objects within an environment. Ex...the book is up-side down...the ball is under the table
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Awareness about environment?

if we dont take care of our environment, Global Warming will take over our land and we will die.
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What rhymes with aware?

bear . care . dare . hair . glare . mare . pair . rare . stare . fair . swear . mare AWARE:fairbearcarelairweardarenairetc. ect... :)
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What is sensory awareness?

Human beings have six senses. These senses include sight, hearing,touch, taste, smell, and perioceptive. To have sensory awareness aperson uses all six senses to discover thei ( Full Answer )
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What does aware mean?

aware(p): (sometimes followed by `of') having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization or perception; "was aware of his opponent's ... . mindful: bearing in mind; ( Full Answer )
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What is audience awareness?

it is when you fart on the audience It is when you have to be aware of the audience and so that yougive them what they need and what is appropriate. Audience in thiscontext ca ( Full Answer )
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What is phonological awareness?

Phonological awareness is the term that refers to the ability to become aware of the sounds (phonemes) within spoken words. Phonological awareness is essential for discovering ( Full Answer )
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What is heart awareness?

Heart awareness is the awareness of the heart, mainly to either learn about it or to become concerned about it because of a disease or malfunction.
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Are you aware?

Thankfully, I am, most of the time. Unfortunately, most people are not, most of the time.
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What is computer awareness?

Computer Awareness is been aware of how a computer looks and functions. This doesn't mean just what programmes you can load onto a computer but also the parts that makes up a ( Full Answer )
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What is organizational awareness?

Organizational awareness is a level of understanding for both the organization and its leaders regarding current capacity, abilities, potential, and results. . Leader-directe ( Full Answer )
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What is heightened awareness?

Heightened awareness is the idea of having a higher appreciation, knowledge of, and consciousness of your connection between the physical plane, and the spiritual plane.
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What is awarness?

Awareness means having knowledge of something. For example, you cancreate awareness regarding HIV so as to help people stay safe.
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What is the origin of humans are aware that they are aware?

Answer I think this question asks at what stage did early humans have self-awareness. Self-awareness is sometimes measured in infants and primates by the response to their own ( Full Answer )
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What does awarness mean?

Are you meaning "Awareness"? If so, Awareness is to be alert and knowing what is around you. You might be aware when you know something already, or when you go into a haunted ( Full Answer )
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Is it As you no doubt are aware or As you are no doubt aware?

Both are correct, and other possibilities exist. This is because "no doubt" is what we call absolute : it has no grammatical connection to the rest of the sentence. There mig ( Full Answer )
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What is rhythmic awareness?

rhythmic awareness is having a good awarness of when the ryhthm is about to come and so you are ready for the dick to go in ur mouth when u have rythimic awareness
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Do animals have awareness and what is awareness?

awareness is being AWARE and yes, animals do, if they didnt all would die. they prey needs to be aware of the predators, the predators need to be aware of where the prey is. ( Full Answer )
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What is phonemic awarness?

Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate the sounds in a spoken words and the understanding that spoken words and syllables are made up of sequences of speech ( Full Answer )
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When is autism awareness?

Autism awareness month is April world autism awareness day is April 2nd But for people who have autism and our families Autism awareness day is EVERYDAY! :) - ASDogGeek
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When is epilepsy awareness?

Educating people about epilepsy so that they know what it really is and do not believe the many stereotypes about it. If people are educated they are aware of what epilepsy re ( Full Answer )
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What is kinesthetic awareness?

Kinesthetic awareness is how well you detect being touched by something. For example, can you feel the clothes you are wearing? If you do, then you have stellar kinesthetic aw ( Full Answer )
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What is kinetic awareness?

Privately or in a group, a teacher sets up situations for the student to explore the possible causes of pain and movement restrictions within the body.
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How do you promote awareness?

You'd promote awareness by putting your business ad out to the public so that more people would know about it. And your business would get more popular and therefore you'd get ( Full Answer )
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Is it awareness or an awareness?

There is a difference between these two. Awareness is used if youare referring to something generally. An awareness is used if youwish to be more specific about something.
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What is the suffix for aware?

"Ness" . Awareness ! Let's use it in a sentence. "Mitch Longley hadfull awareness that Dinie was in love with him."