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Does azo help with marijuana drug tests?

It is illegal to take any kind of medication or detox for thepurpose of beating a drug test. If an adulterant is found in thesample (and they do check for them), they can fail ( Full Answer )
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The reaction mechanism of azo dye?

Azo food dyes don't set off allergic reactions as such, though someazo textile dyes can cause your skin to be hypersensitive. Themechanism for why tartrazine increases allergi ( Full Answer )
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What are azo pills?

AZO is used to relieve the symptoms of urinary tract infectionssuch as pain, burning, and frequency. This drug should not be usedfor more than two days and does not treat infe ( Full Answer )
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Do AZO pills work?

AZO pills work by relieving the pain associated with urinary tract infections, burning and frequent urination. AZO acts quickly and relieves symptoms promptly. However, if you ( Full Answer )
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How long does it take azo to flush your system out?

About 5-8 days, I took AZO standard as it says to take on the bottle and drank water, and the thc was out my system withing a week. When I use to smoke a lot like everyday the ( Full Answer )
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What do you mean by restricted azo dye?

restricted of azo dye means the use of azo dye is restricted by the authority/government/organisation.but there are eleven azo dyes are approved for use in food.
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Does Azo standard cleanse the body of THC?

hell to the no!!!!, Stop smoking for at least 40 days if you plan to pass a drug screening Ron T. Tre fo \ hell yes it does use as directed stop smoking two days before the te ( Full Answer )
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Can dogs take AZO Standard?

absolutely not. It is very toxic and doesn't allow oxygen to the urine. The vet has special pills if your dog is having discomfort.
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Gallons of water and azo pills will you pass a drug test?

You cannot pass a drug test by simply drinking water and taking pills. At best, you will fail the test because they will be able to know that you have done something to corrup ( Full Answer )
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What are azo pills used for?

They are used for pain relief during urinary tract infections. They are available OTC or by prescription.
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What are azo tablets?

There are several over the counter medications that have the word Azo in their titles. Azo Standard -phenazopyridine- is the same medication that is found in a prescription dr ( Full Answer )
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What is azo gantrisin?

Azo Gantrisin is used for urinary tract infections. The medicinecan also be used bacterial infections and is also known as AzoGantanol,
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Is it safe to take azo while on ecstasy?

yes azo is for uti (urinary track infections) ive used it to remove marijuana from my system for drug tests...
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What is meant by azo- and thio- in chemistry?

These are prefixes given to heterocyclic compounds that contain nitrogen (azo-) and sulphur (thio-). Suffixes can also be given which reffer to the number of atoms that make u ( Full Answer )
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Can AZO pills affect results of pregnancy test?

No when used as directed only a pregnancy will effect the results of a pregnancy test. A false negative means the test was used too soon, it is most accurate when used first ( Full Answer )
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What is the drug azo used for?

To relieve the pain, burning, and discomfort caused by infection or irritation of the urinary tract. It is not an antibiotic and will not cure the infection itself.
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Can you give a cat azo standard pills for uti?

A cat should not be given AZO standard pills for a UTI. AZO is amedication designed for human consumption. A safe cure for a catwith a UTI is apple cider vinegar or garlic.
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How do you remove azo from fabric?

Azo is a colouring group with -N=N- and if we try to remove say by treating with caustic hydros, the colour will also get stripped. Hence difficult. Guru prasad.P
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What is azo dye test?

Azo dye test is the chemical test to identify the release of banned amines from any nitrogen based azo -synthetic dyes . There is a limit of 30 ppm for the banned amines in an ( Full Answer )
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Can you give cats azo pills for a uti?

No. Never give a cat human medicine as it will do more harm than good. It is very easy to overdose a cat with pills meant for humans. Cats usually contract urinary infections ( Full Answer )
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Does acridine dye is azo dye?

An acridine dye can be only an azo dye if you have an azo bridge like -N=N- in your dye. For an acridine azo dye you must have a free amino group on it. Your question is not ( Full Answer )
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Does azo standard turn pee orange?

Yes, that's its chief side effect. It can also stain contact lenses, so don't use your lenses while using the medication.
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Is AZO a sulfa drug?

AZO is a over the counter medicine for urinary tract irritation. I myself am very allergic to sulfa drugs and AZO works wonders for me allergic Reation at all.
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Do azo help with kidney pain?

Azo will help with bladder pain due to inflammation, but is unlikely to help with kidney pain. If you have kidney pain, see your primary health care provider for accurate diag ( Full Answer )
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When was Anatoliy Azo born?

Anatoliy Azo was born on October 31, 1934, in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, USSR [now St. Petersburg, Russia].
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Does azo standard help rid urine of cocaine?

No, AZO is a mild antibiotic and pain reliever. It does not increase kidney or liver functions. Despite what all the cleanse products state, the main thing that actually works ( Full Answer )