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Who is Sai Baba?

Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011) was an Indian holy man who was born onNovember 23, 1926. Even the word "holy man" is very lacking. SaiBaba means divine mother and father. Sathya m ( Full Answer )
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Who is Meher Baba?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \n. \nMeher Baba was an Indian spiritual teacher who said he was the Avatar.\n. \nEducated at St. Vincent's High School in Pune, India, as well ( Full Answer )
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Who is Baba Yaga?

In Slavic folklore, Baba Yaga (or Baba Jaga) is a witch with beadyeyes, stringy hair, and a long nose covered with warts. She livedsomewhere in Russia inside a hut perched on ( Full Answer )
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Who is ramdev baba?

Baba Ramdev is an yoga guru who has undergone a incredible 9 day fast against corruption in India. he proved himself as an Indian.
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Who is Ali Baba?

A poor woodcutter in the story "Arabian Nights" who gains entrance to the treasure cave of the 40 thieves by saying the magic words "Open, Sesame!" -- It's not 'Sesame' ( Full Answer )
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What is a baba ghanoush?

It is a nickname for the wedding crashers pointy thing. . It's a middle-eastern puree' of eggplant.
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Who is Baba Bharata?

In a short and simple explanation, Baba Bharata is said to be the pupil of the so called Hindu Yogi Ramacharaka. He is also said to be an inspiration to a few titles written b ( Full Answer )
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What is Meaning of baba?

The meaning of the word 'Baba' from the Zimbabwean languages Shona and Ndebele, is 'Father'. The antonym being 'Amai' meaning 'Mother'.
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Who is baba louie?

Baba Louie was Quick Draw McGraw's side-kick deputy.. He also looks very mu ( Full Answer )
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What is the orchestration for liadov baba yaga?

3 flutes (third doubling piccolo), 3 oboes (third doubling English horn), 3 clarinets (third doubling bass clarinet), 3 bassoons (third doubling contrabassoon), four horns, tw ( Full Answer )
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What is baba ghannoug?

It is a Middle Eastern dish made from eggplant. It is often served with pita, much like hummus, to which it also has a similar, though not as firm, texture.
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What is a Jewish baba?

Baba/babba is a Yiddish word for grandmother. Some people might be more familiar with the pronunciation "Bubbe", however, both of these pronunciations are correct. The differe ( Full Answer )
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Why Baba is so hard on Amir?

because he feel guilty about fathering. Baba feels as if he has failed in creating a "perfect" son - a son who is exactly like he was. Amir is the complete opposite of Baba ( Full Answer )
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What does Sathya Sai Baba belief?

Please correct the word 'belief' as 'believe'. 'Belief' is an abstract noun, derived from the verb 'believe'. Otherwise, you can correct as 'What were the beliefs of Sathya Sa ( Full Answer )
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What does Baba think of Amir?

Baba had once said, "he would not believe that Amir is his son ifhe had not seen him come out of his wifes womb himself." Baba hashopes and aspires for Amir to be more like hi ( Full Answer )
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What is birthday of baba ramdev?

Baba ram dev d.o.b - 06/04/1964 place of birth- haryana (m.p) time - 07.58 am
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How old is Sathya Sai Baba?

Sathya Sai Baba was born on November 23, 1926 and died on April 24, 2011. Sathya Sai Baba would have been 84 years old at the time of death or 88 years old today.
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How old is Ammo Baba?

Iraqi footballer Emmanuel Baba Dawud, aka Ammo Baba, was 74 yearsold when he died on May 27, 2009 (birthdate: November 27, 1934).
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What does Baba mean in Zulu?

according to my understanding a word baba can be varied to a purpope of using, firstly is that a male parent who brought u in this world and we as zulu's often use it when we ( Full Answer )
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What was sai baba caste?

This article is about the "Shirdi" Sai Baba, an Indian religious figure who lived from the mid-19th to the early 20th century. See Sai Baba for other persons calling themselv ( Full Answer )
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What does baba then do that shocks amir?

Baba shocks Amir by letting Hassan and Ali stay at the house, as Amir had put the wristwatch and Afghani bills under Hassan's mattress so that when Baba did find out about Has ( Full Answer )
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When shirdhi sai baba birthday?

According to the International Sai Organization; Sai Baba of Shirdi was an Indian guru, he lived from September 28, 1835 until October 15, 1918.
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Was Sathya Sai Baba a fraud?

Can't say. He did a lot of good things. He was venerated and worshiped by millions of people. There were serious allegations against him that he was a homosexual however none ( Full Answer )
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What to feed wild baba rabbits?

Wild baby rabbits can eat rabbit pellets, hay and carrots when they are two weeks old. Before that you should hand feed them.
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How old is Sai Baba of Shirdi?

Sai Baba of Shirdi was born on September 28, 1835 and died on October 15, 1918. Sai Baba of Shirdi would have been 83 years old at the time of death or 179 years old today.
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Who is Nirmal Baba?

He is a religious man in India who travels to many towns to share his message.
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What are some opinions of Nirmal Baba?

Nirmal Baba is the Indian Spiritual Guru who leads people from allreligion to the path of God and righteuos living. His show "ThirdEye of Nirmal Baba" is telecast on many TV c ( Full Answer )
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Who was baba aadam?

He was an unholy demon the one who can't be trusted. Beware my fellow citizens! He will rise again!!
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About baba gurinder dhillon beas?

HE is not a person, but God Himself incarnited in human form. Any one so fortunate enough, then must grab an opportunity to see Him at RSSB, Punjab, Inaia whre He preaches the ( Full Answer )
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Is baba a common noun?

The noun 'baba', a food in a number of cultures, or the word for grandmother in Slavic languages, is a common noun. A proper noun is the name of a specific person, place, th ( Full Answer )
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What does the word baba mean?

\n. In Ukrainian, it means "grandmother". It is also the name in French for a small cake, which, if soaked in rum, is called "Baba au Rhum".
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Why was Meher Baba silent?

Meher Baba gave many answers to this question, but it still remainsa mystery. Meher Baba said he would break his silence which wouldcause great changes. Since he died without ( Full Answer )
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Who was Baba Amte?

From a child born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Baba Amte latertransformed his life into a social activist. He devoted his entirelife to serve the downtrodden people of th ( Full Answer )
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Is Hah'Shyyk Baba related to Ponda Baba?

Yes, Hah'Shyyk Baba (from The Dark Redemption fan film) is relatedto Ponda Baba (from Episode IV: A New Hope), since they're bothAqualishes and come from the same family.