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Did vikings have babbys?

Sure. . Vikings were people just like you and I. Some had families athome, some went abroad to get money to be able to start afamily.

How do you be a great babby sitter?

Attend a babysitting course to learn all important things around being a baby sitter. Then you should be fine. In general, just use your common sense when with the baby/kid a (MORE)

How do you have babbies on Sims 3?

Become a romantic interest with someone or married or boyfriend/girlfriend. then once they like you enough you can 'try for a baby' and there will be a little lullaby music an (MORE)

How do you produce a babby?

You need to have sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex, and both of you must have passed through puberty. I don't recommend you try though...

What actors and actresses appeared in La banda dei Babbi Natale - 2010?

The cast of La banda dei Babbi Natale - 2010 includes: Giacomo as Giacomo Giorgio Colangeli as Padre di Veronica Dario Eduardo de Falco as Portantino Giovanni Esposito as Bene (MORE)