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How do you get him back?

We don't have the ability or the right to control someone else. You can't "get him back" if he has moved on. Sometimes the best we can do is to learn from our mistakes and liv ( Full Answer )
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What is an enlarged lump on the back of your back?

it is usually called a *cist* by the medical community. it is best to have a doctor check it out so they can see if it is cancerous or not. all cists have that possibility. bu ( Full Answer )
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How do you get her back?

Answer \n. \n . You don't. Normally. Regardless of how it ended or why, the best way to "get her back" would be to pretend the two of you never happened at all. Go back to ( Full Answer )
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How can you get him back?

To win your ex back, you need to show your feelings to him. Don'tforce him, instead talk about it properly. If you maintain regularcontact with him, it will certainly work out ( Full Answer )
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What is back to back home run?

That is when two batters in the lineup hit home runs one immediately after the other. If a batter hits a home run and the very next batter also hits a home run, it would be ca ( Full Answer )
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What is a back to back agreement?

Back to back agreement is a form of contract where there is anotherentity that has the same liabilities and responsibilities as theprincipal person of the contract. There are ( Full Answer )
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What is a back-to-back agreement?

Back-to-back agreements are light forms of partnership that is usedin commercial situations and is typically for one specific project.It incorporates the main contract terms b ( Full Answer )
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Can you get her back?

If you really show her you love her more than anything and show how much you care about her then there is a slight possibility you might get her back.
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How can I get back to him?

i dont know because i still like my x boyfriend and he broked up with me and i know i wanna still be with him but u know what im gonna be strong and try to forget about him an ( Full Answer )
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How do you wire back to back capacitors?

Depends a little on the sort of capacitor and what you want to do. For example, if you have a pair of polarised electrolytic caps, you can connect the two negs together and ( Full Answer )
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Can it be girl to girl in back to back?

Writer 1 put it back to back with another alien, this is the best method and easiest. put it in hot water but this hardley ever works. Writer 2 Another way is this. Put it ba ( Full Answer )
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What are the Risks of back to back pregnancies?

your own personal case should be reviewed by your doctor. i had a back to back pregnancy and my two girls are great, so am I. What I learned is that mother nature wouldn't all ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the back of the back seat out?

Pull the lower seat out - push in & up to get it out. You should see a couple of bolts holding the upper portion on - on the bottom of the seat back. Pull those bolts and th ( Full Answer )
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Can the word that be used back to back?

Yes, that is true. For example: . Here is the street that that man told us to look for.(the first use of 'that' is as a relative pronoun which introducesthe relative claus ( Full Answer )
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Why does hair grow on my back back?

because of the excessive sweat discharge on your back and water's tendency to disperse heat, it is your body's best defense in keeping your body warm!
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Who has won the Masters back to back?

Through the 2008 Masters: 1) 2001 and 2002 - Tiger Woods 2) 1989 and 1990 - Nick Faldo 3) 1965 and 1966 - Jack Nicklaus
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What is the major back extension of the back?

Erector Spinae.....really it's a group of underlying muscles as well, but the erectors are the primary movers
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What is Back to back test of a transformer?

Back to back testing of a transformer can be better explained if you check the diagram in the resource area.
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What were some back to back to back homers?

the most recently was Between the upton brothers, there was mikecarp jarrod saltalamacchia, Mike carp david ortiz, adam jones chrisdavis, matt joyce yunel esobar
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How do you get back your Files from Back Up?

If you did back up your files you must have used a backup program. Must use the same program to recover your files. UNLESS you have just copied into a drive then recopy them b ( Full Answer )
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What is a back-to-back trade?

A back to back trade is when you trade a Pokemon to another Pokemon then the other person trads it back.
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How do you get the back of a watch back on?

It is one of only 3 possible ways. (1) If it popped off, simply snap it back on using equal pressure around the edge. Be careful, as some brands can be very difficult and may ( Full Answer )
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Can you fix your back with out back surgery?

Can you fix your back without spine surgery? well...the answer is "yes, no, and maybe". Most spine health experts would agree, the better questions are: 1) What is exactly wro ( Full Answer )
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What is back to back marketing?

Back-to-back marketing is a form of marketing where two products that are substitutes of each other but which have different features are offered as a marketing strategy to th ( Full Answer )
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How do I get my money back or get my mower back?

It depends on the policies of the company that you bought thelawnmower from. You'll want to check the company's website or, ifyou have it, check the instruction manual that ca ( Full Answer )
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What is back to back diode?

A: Refers two two diodes connected as it say back to back for gates applications.
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How do you come back or go back?

To come back or to go back means to retrace your steps to return tothe place you just recently visited or stood. As some examples: . Mom realized that she forgot to buy milk ( Full Answer )
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What words have back to back letter you?

6-letter words muumuu, squush, vacuum 7-letter words duumvir, muumuus, triduum, vacuums 8-letter words duumviri, duumvirs, residuum, squushed, squushes, triduum ( Full Answer )
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What books are at the back of no way back?

Plz help me I'm shopping and I'm looking for her two books. It's by Linda newbery there are other books by her at the back of the book no way back
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What does back to back mean in NBA?

If someone makes two baskets back to back , then they make them one right after another.
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What does back to back movies mean?

It usually means an actor who has completed two films in a row without taking a break in between.
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Can you wear tampons back to back?

You can, however it is best to alternate with pads as often as possible. Tampons encourage bacterial growth while effecting vaginal pH and preventing the vagina from cleanin ( Full Answer )
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Why are the backs called backs?

Backs are called backs because they are in back of the line ofscrimmage. In the old tee-formation, the farthest offensive guy from the lineof scrimmage was the fullback, beca ( Full Answer )