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What is back-end?

Answer . A backend is a system that drives a frontend.\n. \nSome examples of backends:\n> The kernel of an operating system\n> The code behind a website\n. \nSome example (MORE)
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What is a lobster-back?

"Lobsterback" is a slang term used by Americans for British soldiers during the American Revolutionary War. I have heard two explanations for this. One is that the red coats w (MORE)
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Who backed Columbus?

The Spanish Government of Fernando and Isabella- Let"s get it right Fernando is a good , Kingly Spanish name! By the way the popular idea that Queen Isabella sold her jewels t (MORE)
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What is a back-to-back agreement?

Back-to-back agreements are light forms of partnership that is usedin commercial situations and is typically for one specific project.It incorporates the main contract terms b (MORE)
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What are hockey backs?

Hockey backs are the defenders. They aren't the goalie but they help defend on behalf of the goalie. If you are playing a weak team being a back can be quite boring but if you (MORE)
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What are backed saws?

Saws that have a stiff piece of metal on the top edge of the blade. -Like a tenon saw.
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Why do you get bad backs?

There are many reasons for this: skeletal problems, bad postures, obesity are just some of them.
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What are lobster backs?

guys help me answer this question. does hoplessness alienation and a sense of detachement is shown in the book the giver&alreadyAsked=1
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How do you do a back-bend?

In a backbend you should have someone hold your back. You should curve your back. Once you have that down easily try that. Remember be careful or you could bump your head. (MORE)
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What rhymes with backed?

Words that rhyme with "backed" include: Words that end in -acked : hacked, jacked, lacked, packed, racked, sacked, stacked, tacked, tracked, whacked. Words that end in -act (MORE)
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What is a back-to-back trade?

A back to back trade is when you trade a Pokemon to another Pokemon then the other person trads it back.
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What is suck-back?

Suck - back happens when hot gases in a confined apparatus cool and cause waterto enter the apparatus
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What is back-ordered?

Back-ordered means that an item that you ordered was not in stock at the time you placed the order. The company has refiled your order so that when that item is restocked you (MORE)
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Why do you not say I am backed?

I'm guessing that English is not your first language. "I am backed" in English implies one of the following: . that you have a back . that something is backing you, in the (MORE)
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What is backing card?

a thing used to help the police solve the crime.
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What is back-to-back?

It means that events or actions will happen, one right after the other.
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Why are the backs called backs?

Backs are called backs because they are in back of the line ofscrimmage. In the old tee-formation, the farthest offensive guy from the lineof scrimmage was the fullback, beca (MORE)