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What is background?

Answer . Background can refer to the backdrop of a computer, a backdrop in general, and one's experiences in life.. something happening near you but doesn`t involve you.

How do you get a MySpace background?

The best place to get myspace layouts or backgrounds is They are my favorite layout site. They have really unique designs and they have no po (MORE)

What is Athena's background?

p Athena is one of the important goddess'. Athena can also go by Minerva. She the patron goddess of Athens. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war. She's the favorite dau (MORE)

What was The Beatles background?

Lennon came from a broken home; his father left home when he was 2 and social services moved Lennon to be brought up by his aunt Mimi in a middle class suburb of Liverpool. M (MORE)
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How can you get a background on Howrse?

Layouts: Well, I think you mean a "layout". A layout is a HTML form that can be saved onto your presentation. You can create your own, using WordPad, but I would suggest (MORE)
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What is Gaara's background?

Garra is the kazakage's son. He has 2 siblings a brother and a sister.He sealed the spirit of the shikaku inside garra when his wife was still pregnant. He was "born a monster (MORE)

What is a background check?

It offers insight into a persons past, whether it be a criminalpast, debt issues, or divorce records, it allows someone to knowmore about your past. Most times employers will (MORE)