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What is the Gaelic for 'bad'?

IRISH Gaelic: olc, dona, droch- . SCOTS Gaelic: dona, droch-
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What is the badness of computer?

when it is made by apple and/or if it is used constantly and has to be with you at all times or else you have a seizure because you haven't talked to your friends using facebo (MORE)
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What is bad-trip?

Bad Trip (or psychedelic crisis)is a disturbing experience sometimes associated with use of a psychedelic drugs such as LSD, Salvinorin A, DXM, mescaline, psilocybin, or DMT. (MORE)
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What are the good and bads about the ipad?

GOOD: Large easy to hold size Easy typing Fast connection Good apps/games that are usually on computer Pretty long battery life Great picture/sound quality BAD: Not as porta (MORE)
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Are guns bads?

I tend to favour one of the lines Alan Ladd used in the movie Shane - "A gun is only as good or as bad as the person holding it".
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Use bad-tempered in a sentence?

It makes me very bad-tempered supplying Internet answers for kids too lazy to write simple sentences for themselves.
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What is the badness that car do to Earth and how?

the combustion of the engine which is smoke and hurts the earth because smoke should be in the air and make the earth get hotter in a bad way so the polar caps will melt
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How are bad-odered flowers pollinated?

The same as other flowers. Insects that pollinate flowers generally do not sense odors the same as humans do.
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Is war good or bad. why?

It's both. Some wars can be justified, but not all. Some people believe that all war is bad and preventable. But that is not true. As long as there are humans there will be wa (MORE)
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Who is responsible for badness?

Most people are responsible for themselves, so any badness that happens because of a person is their responsibility.
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Are Bad-Dragon toys awesome?

Wise Westie = Awesome Bad-Dragon toys = Awesome Wise Westie + Bad-Dragons toys + Awesome
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Is fallacy a 'bad' word?

The word 'fallacy' , pronounced 'fal -uss-ee', ('- al -' as in gal) isn't a bad word, in the sense of being offensive or rude. It means a false idea or belief. Perhaps yo (MORE)
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What is the Italian translation of 'bad weather'?

Brutto tempo is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "bad weather." Specifically, the masculine adjective brutto means "bad." The masculine noun tempo means "wea (MORE)
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How can you cure bad-smelling vagina?

You first have to wash thoroughly. Scrub and scrub. Then dry yourself with a hair dryer. Do not wear panties for a few days, they just keep your cunny wet. Don't look at any p (MORE)
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What is the meaning of the idiom 'bad egg'?

Often, when an animal lays their egg's there is a, "bad egg." This egg is either spoiled or in a way damaged and incapable of developing. This expression is used to describe p (MORE)
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Is bads a words?

'Bads' is not a word in the English dictionary.
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Why is imperialism bad-?

One reason why imperialism hurt the world is that it startedracism. The idea that one race is better than another.