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Are bad words bad?

There are no "bad" words, only those that are polite and those that may offend. If you use curse words in public or in company, it is considered rude. Also, if you use a lo ( Full Answer )
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What makes a bad person bad?

Things that make people bad are negative qualities like hatred and jealousy, envy and greediness, and also emotions like frustration/anger. All of this contributes to making a ( Full Answer )
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Why are bad words bad words?

"Bad" words are called bad usually because they stand for something profane, rude, crude or ill mannered. The problem is that one person's rude may be another person's funny. ( Full Answer )
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Why are bad words bad or disrespectful?

Bad words are bad because it's an insult you say to people. Insults are like bad words, they hurt people and make them feel bad. So basically bad words are used to hurt and br ( Full Answer )
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Why is it bad to say bad words?

Beacause You Can Get In Jail Or Killed -------------------------------------------------- You do not go to jail, or get killed. It's bad because it's rude. Swearing usual ( Full Answer )
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Are you bad?

if you weren't you wouldn't be asking me this dumb question basicly everyones bad man you are BAD why did you ask that question!?@%#$ was all that really necessary for th ( Full Answer )
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Why is bad words bad?

Words are not bad, the thoughts associated with them can be bad. Many racial slurs are used by members of that race as community identifiers and are acceptable to them, but ( Full Answer )
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What makes a bad word bad?

The word can either be rude, obnoxious or disgusting to be a bad word. The word will just be commonly known as "bad" and will be linked with bad taste. Considering, if it so ( Full Answer )
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Why is a bad word a bad word?

Because it has an accepted social value. It's considered bad because most people agree that it's bad.
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What are the bad effects of bad eating?

fatigue, Obesity, slower reaction, slower brain funtion, pretty much all the bad things. At the end, it will shorten your life span.
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What is bad for you?

Lots and lots and lots and lots of things are bad for you. Sugary foods are bad for you. Hurting yourself is bad for you. I don't have enough room on this page to write down a ( Full Answer )
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Is it bad to be bad?

Duh, It's like, totally bad to be bad unless you want to be like Michael Jackson and sing about it --------- NO... or at least the answer would be it depends: by taking ( Full Answer )
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Is tobacco bad or are cigarettes bad?

The burning of the cigarette is bad. It releases tar into the lungs which will give you an increased chance of getting lung cancer. Tobacco is inside cigarettes, nicotine is a ( Full Answer )
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Why are bad people bad?

Some people choose the wrong choices. Some people walk the wrong path, and many walk the rightful path. When at a fork in the road, you must think before walking the paths. In ( Full Answer )
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Do girls have bad bad periods?

Don't be scared. Girls can get their periods anytime from ages 8 - 15. Just relax, because all girls get it! Carry pads with you (don't use tampons at first) and an extra pair ( Full Answer )
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Why does your cat has a bad eye is it bad?

Conjunctivitis is most commonly caused by viral infection, but bacterial infections, allergies, other irritants and dryness are also common etiologies for its occurrence. Both ( Full Answer )
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Is it bad to eat bad cheese?

What do you mean by bad? If you mean like rotten, then yes! because you could have got sick. But if it you just do not like the taste, then no because you just do not like t ( Full Answer )
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Is bad a bad word?

No, bad is not a bad word. It is just a word we hope isn't used too often.
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Is the bad girls club bad?

yes the bad girls club is bad because if you actually look at bad girls club like me then you would know and they just don't care what they do,that's how bad they are. and all ( Full Answer )
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Why were bad presidents bad presidents?

Not everyone is good at what they do and some men get elected even though they really don't know what to do or lie.
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Are you bad if you have bad thoughts?

Of course not! Your thoughts are your own. Only you can hear them - think about anything you wish, that's one of the great things about thoughts - no on else can hear them. He ( Full Answer )
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Is Cyanobacteria good or bad if good or bad what does it do that is good or bad?

Answer 1 yes because it could cause a very bad disease. Answer 2 There are thousands if not millions of varieties of cyanobacteria.Most are entirely neutral to humans. The ( Full Answer )
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Is bad weather really bad?

when you say is a bad weather really bad there is no bad weather because some people die of hunger because there is no rain and some people who really want to see the sun beca ( Full Answer )
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Do bad tomatoes smell bad?

They don't have a noticeable odor, but you'll see soft spots, bruises, or spots of mold so it will be obvious. Of course, it depends on how bad they are. If they are rotting ( Full Answer )
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Why is having bad teeth bad?

you have to go to the dentist and have lots of treatment and not eat any sweets it might be tsty but so bad 4 your teeth:) xx
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Why are there bad teachers who are bad people?

There are bad teachers because not everyone is great at everything. Almost by definition, half of the teachers in the world are below average.. Asking why some people are bad ( Full Answer )
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What are bad signs of a bad apple?

Signs of a bad apple are when you can see scabs, brown spots, worms/bugs. To buy apples, look for the ones that are shiny and have a hard feel to them. Softer often means mush ( Full Answer )
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How bad is Battlefield 3 bad?

Just saying its not! it was voted best first person shooter of the year AND IT PWNS COD!
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How bad are bad words?

very bad they could even hurt the person for ever but dont say n because thats what white people called black people its so sad that black people suffered every ones the same ( Full Answer )