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What is a Tolkien baddie?

ORC is the name normally looked for in crossword puzzles. Sauron, Suramen and Nazgul are three others that might fit.
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How many baddies is there in batman?

in batman begins there are 1. rah's al guhl 2. Henri ducard 3. the scarecrow (dr.johnathan crane) 4. flass 5. carmine falcone 6. joe chill in the dark knight ( Full Answer )
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Who were the baddies in the Vietnam War?

From the enemy side; the NVA were tougher, they stood their ground, the VC were quick to depart the AO (Area of Operations). On the allied side, the US Marines were aggressive ( Full Answer )
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Why are native American Indians often portrayed as the baddies in Hollywood films?

Because the creators of the film were most likely white. The Indians saw the white as the bad guys, the white saw the Indians as the bad guys.. The white people did horrible ( Full Answer )
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Who is Indiana Jones baddies?

first there is the germens and belloq in radiers of the lost ark and mola ram and thuggees in the temple of doom and germens again and elsa and Walter in the last crusade and ( Full Answer )
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What are the Names of the baddies on Star Trek?

It depends on which series you are on about.. Original series(Captain Kirk)= Klingons.. The Next Generation(Captain Picard)= Romulans, Borg.. Deep space nine(Captain Sisko) ( Full Answer )
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What are the names of the baddies have in thunderbirds?

The Hood was the main ( bad Guy) it should be noted the Tracy family were a rescue organization, International Rescue, and not strictly speaking a law enforcement body, inevit ( Full Answer )
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Name baddies in Thunderbirds?

The Hood was a recurring Heavy. He was styled to look something like the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, and this could not have been accidental also has a sort of Beetle Brow ( Full Answer )
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What are baddies in the film yellow submarine?

The bad guys in Yellow Submarine are called the Blue Meanies and they take over Pepperland because of there hatred for music.
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Who is the main baddie in storm hawks?

1. Master Cyclonis - empress of Cyclonia (she is by far the most skilled villain); 2. Dark Ace - Cyclonis' right hand man, Commander of the Cyclonian talons (he can command ( Full Answer )
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Is sonic a baddie?

No he's not! He's a good guy along with Tails, Knuckles (sometimes called a bad guy), Amy and some other people. He beats up fatso Robotnic. And he likes chilli dogs
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Is Chitkara University Baddi is recognised by UGC?

As stated in the Preamble to the heading of Public notice, that except Universities including deemed to be Universities it is mendatory for all others to ger AICTE approval. I ( Full Answer )
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Who is the baddie in Star Wars?

Palpatine is the leader of the bad guys; though he lets his henchman Darth Vader do most of the work.
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Who was the baddie in Star Wars?

Emperor Palpatine was the baddie. Although Darth Vader does terrible things, he does the right thing in the end. Only Palpatine was absolutely evil.
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Who was a James Bond baddie?

It depends as James Bond dealt with various "baddies" from a stockdisposable henchman all the way up to the main antagonist.
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How many baddie marvel are there?

There are hundreds if not thousands of villains in the Marvel Universe. Some of the more famous (infamous) ones include Dr. Doom, Doc Octopus, the Green Goblin, Sandman, Venom ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell baddie?

Baddie is the correct spelling of the noun used to refer to a badperson in a fictional work. Baddy is also an acceptable form of spelling.
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How do you play as the baddies on LEGO Batman?

You can play as the villains in Lego Batman you must first complete a full episode as heroes, then you unlock the same episode from the villains' perspective. If you need any ( Full Answer )
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Is Matilda from the story Matilda a goodie or a baddie?

ok she is a goodie most people who have read it would know but i see you don't well now you know she is a goodie! it feel so happy to answer this for you and many people!
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What are the baddies called in Star Wars?

the Sith, the CIS , the Galactic Empire, the Imperial Remnant, Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Yuuzhang Vong, the Ssi-Ruu Empire, the Maw Irregular Fleet
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Who is the baddie in Puss in Boots?

Are you talking about the movie or the original story? If you are talking about the movie, the real baddie is probably Puss in Boots or Humpty due to their stealing. In the or ( Full Answer )
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Who was the Lion King baddie?

Simba's Uncle Scar. He was upset at Simba's dad Mufassa because he wanted to be king.
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What was the baddie in a veiw to kill 007?

The main villain in the James Bond film A View to a Kill (1985) was Max Zorin , as portrayed by American actor Christopher Walken.
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Who was the baddie in die another day?

The main villain in the James Bond film Die Another Day (2002) was the North Korean Colonel Moon (Will Yun Lee) under the guise of Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens) after re ( Full Answer )
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Are there goodies and baddies in the ugly duckling?

Not really good guys and bad guys... more just shallow and meancharacters. They cared more about the main characters outwardappearance than his well being.
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Who are the baddies in a midsummer nights dream?

There are not really any Baddies in Midsummer Night's Dream . The father who is trying to force his daughter into marrying a man whom she does not love comes closest, but he ( Full Answer )