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How do you exchange rate thai baht to USD?

Divide the total number of baht by the current exchange rate e.g. 33.4. . You can perform this and many other conversions right in a Google search. Just type something like ( Full Answer )
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How many baht is 1 Canadian dollar?

As of March 25, 2009, one Canadian dollar would convert to about 29.012 Thai Baht.
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How many Thai Baht to the US dollar?

The amount varies depending on the economy. Currently (Dec. 08) the amount is ~32 baht to one usd.
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How much is 35000 baht in dollars?

thai money is very lighted. 1 dollar in US change to thai is 30-35 this year so 35000 baht equal to 999-1100 in US
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Where to get best currency exchange rate from Singapore dollar to thai baht in Singapore?

go to golden mile complex, the long stretch of money exchangers along the front of the building and ask each of them, got the best rate there to thai baht! ==== The best ( Full Answer )
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How much is 1US to Thai Baht?

As of today 26 April 2009 one United States Dollar is equal to 35.3089 Thai Bahts
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What does ilkley moor baht 'at mean?

Ilkley, a small town in the West Riding of Yorkshire Moor, a peat wetland hillside usually over limestone baht, Yorkshire slang for "without" 'at, Yorkshire shortning fo ( Full Answer )
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Thai baht equals how many rupees?

As of 21st June 2009:. 1 Thai Baht = 1.41 Indian Rupees. 10 Thai Baht = 14.08 Indian Rupees. 100 Thai Baht = 140.82 Indian Rupees
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What can you get with 300 baht?

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner & maybe a snack Or a really nice T-shirt or 2. OR ABOUT 10 BUCKS US. 100 baht is about $3.25 US dollars
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How many grams is 1 thai baht gold?

The baht is a unit of weight for gold, commonly used by jewellers and goldsmiths in Thailand. One baht = 15.244 grams. Since the standard purity of Thai gold is 96.5%, the act ( Full Answer )
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What can you buy with 33 baht?

In 2014, 33 baht is equivalent to U.S. $0.03. This meager amountcan only buy a candy or a piece of bubble gum.
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20 Baht equals how many cents us?

Currently, 1 Thailand Baht is 3.03927 cents US, so 20 would be 60.7855 cents ■
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Where are the envelopes of baht Mafia Wars?

They go to your Bangkok stage and then will be shown to you for opening. The money in it will then go into account. I assume you arent traveling to Bangkok yet? It will show ( Full Answer )
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How much is 500 baht?

1 Thai baht = 0.030893 U.S. dollars (6 Apr 2010) Therefore in such day, 500 Baht = 15.44 US $
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Get Thai baht in Mafia Wars?

do jobs in Bangkok specially the jobs in the Pirate job tier. jobs there give more Baht than other jobs. if you are impatient to get Baht, you can buy 50000 Baht from the godf ( Full Answer )
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How much 1 baht to a rupee?

for only bath to rupee you got no more money to debit credit for reporting as well u can reclam it for your bank office for more info : open the second & third link of thi ( Full Answer )
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How much is 1 million baht in US dollars?

The US Dollar is currently equal to 32.60 Thai Baht. 1 USD = 32.60 Baht. Therefore 1,000,000 Baht would be equal to $30,670.16 USD. However,it is important to remember that e ( Full Answer )
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How many Indian Rupees make One Thai Baht?

As on 5th November 2011, 1.00 THB (Thai Baht) is equal to 1.60046 INR (Indian Rupee). One Rupee Sixty Paisa.
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How much is 20000 rupees in thai baht?

According to the currency web-site 'XE' - At the time of writing, (12:25 GMT on 09/01/2012) 20,000 Rupees is worth approximately 12,073 Thai baht.
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What is the symbol for baht?

A B with a straight slash right down like this ฿ or you just write THB
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What baht means in Hindi?

Firstly, it's "bahut", not "baht". It translates to the word "very" or "much" in English.
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How many Thailand baht to us dollar?

\n \n\n. \n. As of April 26, 2012, Thailand's baht is equivalent to $30.90. Of course, money equivalence changes daily, so baht might be equivalent to 1 cent today, then $10 ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of Thai Baht?

Thai Baht is the currency of Thailand. It is the standard monetary unit that is used in Thailand and that is its meaning. It is often referred to as 'The baht'
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Is one baht one oz?

No. A Baht is a unit of currency in Thailand, while an ounce (oz) is an antiquated measure of mass. The two measure different things and, according to the basic rules of dimen ( Full Answer )
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What is a true baht how does he act and what does he do that makes him a baht?

A true baht originates from and ancient culture calledfuzzbee. Usually, a person is called this when they are being lazy,selfish, or just plain annoying. You woud say dont's b ( Full Answer )
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What was the exchange rate of the Thai baht in January 2017?

The rates fluctuate daily or hourly. On January 25, 2017, the official exchange rates were: 1 THB = 0.028 USD (1 USD = 35.27 THB) 1 THB = 0.026 Euro (1 Euro = 37.8 THB) On Ja ( Full Answer )