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Who was Frederick bailes?

Dr. Frederick Bailes was born into a family of pioneers in New Zealand and was educated to be a medical missionary. Just as he was completing his training he was found to have ( Full Answer )
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What is a Bail bondsman?

A bail bondsman or bail bond company is an individual or company that is licensed by the state to provide corporate surety bail bonds in criminal cases. A licensed bail bond c ( Full Answer )
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How does bail work?

You put up property or pay the amount of cash required. If you show up for your court date, you get your money returned to you. If you have to hire a bailbondsman, he keeps a ( Full Answer )
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What is bail?

bail is when u have someone in jail.and u have someone else coming to get(bail) them out.all they are doing is paying money in order to get the person out of jail!!! . Answ ( Full Answer )
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Who pays the bail?

If you cannot afford to pay the bail, 99% of the time you can get a bail bondsman. Sometimes, if the bail is not a lot, they won't pay it.
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How can you be a bails agent?

What are the first steps to become an bails agent?. I need the who , what and where to apply.
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How is bail figured out for?

Again, depends on the state you live in. I live in California. Every county every year has to put together the bail schedule. For felonies and misdemeanors and infractio ( Full Answer )
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What does to answer bail mean?

What is bail?....Bail is money paid to the court to make sure you will appear at all required court appearances. So when you are released on bail, you will be called back to ( Full Answer )
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When is bail is exonerated?

Bail can be exonerated by the judge at the very beginning of court proceedings or until the defendant is sentenced. It's at the discretion of the court. Usually bail is ex ( Full Answer )
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When is ok for excessive bail or no bail?

The constitution prevents excessive bail, however certain crimes are excluded from having bail. Certain murder charges and domestic violence as well as the courts determinat ( Full Answer )
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WHAT IS bail out?

Bail out has several different meanings depending on the context, and this answer from out covers them all.. You may check it out yourself, but ( Full Answer )
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What is bailing?

It is a cordillera instrument used to play music softly (noseflute) . - Paul Andrew Ocfemia
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If you are out on bail can you get bail on a new charge?

If you are already released on bail on one offense and then are arrested for committing another, you won't even be considered for the privilege of bail the second time around. ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell bail for let's bail?

That is the correct spelling for the verb bail , here used as slang to mean leave (from bail out ).
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What is the purpose of a bail?

Bail is offered; to allow a defendant judged 'worthy' of qualified release to be free to pending their court action. Bail (money or property) is the amount placed at risk to e ( Full Answer )
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What is the bail out mean?

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What is remanded on bail?

When a person is remanded on bail, it means the court has ordered the defendant to be held in custody pending trial unless a bail bond is posted.
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What is the homonym for 'bail'?

A bar that holds something in place, in particular. eg the bar that holds paper in a printer or the bar that guides line onto a fishing reel.\n. \nThe temporary release of an ( Full Answer )
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How do i get bail reduced?

Petition the court for a bond reduction hearing. Once the hearing is set, be prepared to present a case outlining why a reduced bail bond amount is appropriate.
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How is a bail set?

It is set according to many factors - the offense you are charged with - your past criminal record - the recommendation of the prosecutor's office - and the judge's individual ( Full Answer )
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What is bail and why do you have it?

Bail is a monetary amount set to release an individual from official custody pending trial. It provides quite the revenue stream for the corrupt system.
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What is interim Bail?

Interim bail is bail that has been posted after a release fromjail. This bail is posted as a continuance until trial.
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What is a commercial bail?

Commercial bail refers to those instances when the bail bond is posted by a bail bondsman. Commercial bail is often referred to as surety bail bonds. When commercial bail i ( Full Answer )
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How do you you revoke bail?

A bail bondsman picks up the prisoner and drives him to the bail bond office. When is revoked and the defendent is sent back to jail, the bond fee has to be paid due to the de ( Full Answer )
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What is exonorated bail?

Exonerated bail means that the case has been disposed of and the court will no longer require the surety on the bail bond to produce the defendant for court proceedings.
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The right to bail?

Actually, the eighth amendment to the U.S. constitution does not guarantee a right to bail, just that if there is bail, that bail cannot be excessive. For example, in many ( Full Answer )
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What is bail by recognizance?

"Personal Recognizance" means that you have a good enough background and sufficient "ties to the community" that the court will release you without your having to post a money ( Full Answer )
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What is bail and how is it determined?

The amount and conditions of bail is set by the court. Factors the court may consider are: flight risk, charge severity and public safety.
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What is the size of the bails?

Overall length:- 4 5/16 in/10.95cm Length of barrel:- 2 1/8 in/5.40cm Longer spigot:- 1 3/8 in/3.49cm Shorter spigot:- 13/16 in/2.06cm
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Do you have a curfew when out on bail?

While such a condition of bail is not automatic, it is not uncommon to have a curfew imposed while on pretrial release. The curfew may be required by either the court or the b ( Full Answer )
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What is Frodo Bailings?

Frodo BAGGINS is a Hobbit from the Shire. He is a fictional character in the trilogy Lord of the Rings written by J. R. R. Tolkein.
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What is bail and its purpose?

Bail is something of value/a security (usually bearer bonds or money) given to a governmental body to hold, to insure a person charged with a crime will appear in court for hi ( Full Answer )
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What is bail in sport?

a bail is one of two small pieces of wood that sit on top of the stumps when a game of cricket is played. the bails have to be disloged from their position on top of the stump ( Full Answer )
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When can bail be refunded?

Bail can be refunded when that bail has bee posted directly to thecourt and the and the court has ruled the bail has been exonerated.
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What does bail mean?

Bail - in criminal law - is the temporary release of an arrestedperson, pending a future trial. They are usually released oncertain conditions - ie - that they don't interfere ( Full Answer )