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What does a bailer mean?

if you are talking abought farming bailers it is a machine that you take thru a hay or corn feild in rows then it makes it into a square or round bail to feed or bed animals i ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the hay bailer?

The inventor of the hay bailer was a man named Innes. It was invented in 1936. the hay bailer was not the large round bailer but the small square bailer
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What is the function of gill bailer?

Its a structure attached to the gills of crustaceans like lobsters. it sort of beats, causing water to flow in and out of the gill chamber.
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What Are Gill Bailers?

are specialized appendages that aquatic organisms use to move the circulatory medium over their gills.
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What movie and television projects has Dorothy Bailer been in?

Dorothy Bailer has: Played Dancer in "The Yellow Rose of Texas" in 1944. Played Kidnapped Girl in "Voodoo Man" in 1944. Played Dancer in "Song of Nevada" in 1944. Played Dance ( Full Answer )